E3 2011: Sony Makes Big Push For 3D Gaming and Details the PS Vita at Press Conference

With a new device to be unveiled, Sony takes time at E3 to share the details of the PS Vita, including its price and release window. Sony also wants to make a big push in 3D gaming with Playstation's very own 3D TV.

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dangert2744d ago

Some needs to ask sony if Vita can act as the new 'wii u' controller for the ps3, i hopefully it can cause i like the idea nintendo had just the control is to bulky if you wonna kick back and play and did't really seem to blow me out the water i wil stick with the ps3 and vita and wait for the ps4 but would be nice if vita could act like the new nintendo controller

darthv722744d ago

is an obvious one from sony. They have a vested interest in the tech due to them making tv's and players that support it. Not only that but they have studios (movie/tv/game) that create content for it.

For nintendo or MS to get on the 3d train would only make them look foolish as followers. I would think each is going in their own direction which is fine with me. Diversity in gaming is a good thing.

MS going kinect crazy and expanding media abilities of the 360. Nintendo looking at the interaction with console/handheld controls.

Each one on their own ventures is good for us gamers.

Skip_Bayless2744d ago

It won't be easy but they can make the PSV like the WiiU with firmware updates. Remember the PS3 game Lair? There's a feature with Remote play where you can play Lair on lower settings on the PSP already. And that was done in 2007. With the front and back camera on PSV, those features we saw in the Nintendo Conference can be implemented. Sony just needs to copy everything.

dangert2744d ago

i would like to see it done would be really impressive when they showed the 'wii u' controller acting as the scope for the wii zapper while the game on screen was in fps mode
and is it only me who got the feeling the 'wii u' is not really a next gen console to pit against the ps4 etc but rather a void filler as they wii does'nt hold its own against the likes of the ps3 and 360

jukins2744d ago

thats what i was thinking when i started hearing rumors of the new wii having a controller with a touch screen. its very possible and would be at the least a very decent opportunity to counter what the new wii can do. especially with the cross platform cloud saving. it has all the buttons motion sensors cameras microphones and what not. it shouldnt be a main focus but one of those "oh thats cool" wonder how much one of those new wii controllers will cost.

Raendom2744d ago

The WiiU is basically the iPad version and the Vita is the iPhone version.

As someone who doesn't know what the fuck iPad is for, meisrouting for Vita (although still not totally sold on anything from this E3 except games).