250GB PS3 Slims Get a Huge Price-cut

A popular retailer has cut the price of the 250GB PS3 slimline SKU in the UK by 36%.

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S_C2751d ago

Very tempted to get a ps3 again hmmmmm.....

Shazz2750d ago

wow £180 is a friggin steal

AAACE52750d ago

Doesn't matter if it's pounds, that is a great deal!

kza2750d ago

Dam it i just bought a 120g slim lol

THWIP712750d ago's E3 week. Don't submit/approve something like this, unless it's relevant to everyone...or at least without more info in the title. Should read "UK retailer cuts price on 250G PS3". Was that really so hard? just want hits.

BTW, I just got a new 160G at GameStop for $200, thanks to a $100-off PowerUp rewards coupon. :p

GameOn2750d ago

look at you laying down the Law. Oh an by the way article titles aren't suppose to be edited.

THWIP712749d ago

...aren't supposed to be approved either. Your point?

GameOn2748d ago

My point being, you were acting like a douche and I wanted to call you out :)

S25802750d ago

does anyone know if this will apply in Ireland too???

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