Why Microsoft's press conference showed that it may have much bigger problems than Kinect

David of Gamesradar writes "So the Microsoft press conference. Not pretty was it? In fact I’d go as far as to say that for the core gamer it was a steaming great car crash of twisted metal, boiling blood and squishy bits of brain hanging off the wing-mirrors. I’m not just having a moan because of the lack of first-party core content and the proliferation of Kinect here, though the percentage focus was pretty miserable unless you’re three years old."

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captain-obvious2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

the problem is
MS shifted the audience like 100%
look @ xbox when it first came out
sure they stole a lot from the PS brand but at the end back then XBOX had much better line up than the PS3 and wii and it had a good price so it was a solid choice

now its all about kinect and casual stuff
MS is turning into the new Nintendo
and i wont be surprised if Nintendo turned into the new MS

this is the second time MS ditches their hardcore fans
first time with stopping to support the first XBOX
and now with shifting to the casual crowd leaving the hardcore with only multiplats and gears for this year
even worse they made fable a slow causal on rail FPS
(and it maybe a spin-off but still)

next year the only hardcore title MS is getting is halo 4

and i called it first

Wikkid6662722d ago

How has MS ditched the core fans? Please explain.

They have the same number exclusive core titles as they always have. MS have never had a ton of exclusives.

I'm sure every MS core fan would love to see them dump more money into exclusives... but can you blame them for trying expand their market?

Godmars2902722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Naw, MS was always more concerned with content with the 360. Exclusives like FF, MGS and GTA that they could get away from Sony which they did. Something they had been expecting to do based on name alone with Xbox1, that game companies would have flocked to them, but of course things didn't work out that way.

They adopting Kinect or the core fan. Adding voice commands the ME3 which either could have been done with a headset or not done at all, and making the Fable franchise a hand gesturing on rails shooter. MS is more focused on making or giving them reason to buy Kinect than offering new IPs. Placating them with Gears and Halo which will likely see Kinect integration soon enough if its not in Halo 4 already.

They're saying get Kinect to play your favorite games because eventually that's all we're going to support. The re-revamped NXE says as much.

blackbeld2722d ago


'this is the second time MS ditches their hardcore fans'

M$ always ditches their hardcore fans, thats why I bought the PS3.

r1sh122722d ago

I think they didnt put it with the headset because they were talking about navigation without a controller.
YOu dont need anything in your hands or on your head, but its just another way to sell kinect...

Personally move and kinect arent my thing - but both Sony and MS are trying to push that stuff, I was disappointed by both sony and MS.

Most of the things showcased were already known of

Tank_Commander_E62722d ago

Here it comes and it's well deserved!

paintsville2722d ago

Well I have to agree this time. Microsoft really disappointed me and kinda ditched the hardcore group all together.

FACTUAL evidence2722d ago


I been called halo being the only game they'll have next year. Every other year it's between halo and gears. MS just gives 360 owners those 2 games because their dick riding fans "lovez ze best game!" and "doesn't need axcloozuvz!". MS knows they are comfy with halo, gears and COD so that's what they get, and MS manages to still make millions.

SO now since MS practically brainwashed their "hardcore audience" they don't really have to do anything but let activision handle them. Every other year they'll handle them with Gears or halo.

SO now all MS have to do is get their casual on hard. It's sad too, but 360 gamers claim that you don't need exclusives because they have halo and xbl.....kinda sad.

fatstarr2722d ago

you are exactly right microsoft is in an identity crisis, the need a new console. kinect cant hold up for 1 more year.

they are trying to be casual but nintendo owns the casual market. my aunt plays the wii and her husband has a 360 the wii appeals to her more.

i have a hunch that nintendo of generation 8 will be the gamecube + wii generation put together.

SephirothX212722d ago

There's nothing wrong with expanding their market as long as they do not focus too much on casual gamers and neglect the core gamers. Unfortunately, they've done just that. Look at how long they spent with children's Kinect titles in the conference. Not to mention having Star Wars: Kinect, Fable: The Journey and Ryse as on-rail games. They're wasting Crytek's talent on an on-rail game? If that does not anger hardcore gamers, I don't know what will. Sony and Nintendo easily had better E3 conferences.

Hoolock2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Quite simply Microsoft go where the audience is. With the launch of the original Xbox and 360 they needed the core market to make the platforms a success. So they create Xbox Live, launched early and put money into exclusive core titles.

Sony and their arrogance lost them a lot of sales early on as Microsoft appeared to be on the same page as the core about what gaming should be.

What Kinect has proved is Microsoft don't share a vision of gaming with the core, they simply pander to the market they need at the time, the one that will bring in the most money and get their platform in the most homes.

The U-Turns that Microsoft pull only go to prove that they have no investment in gaming as a form of art or entertainment. What they have is an investment in games as an in road to IPTV, Music and Films on one device.

Sony launch move and let it take a back seat allowing the same content we have always enjoyed to sit front and centre while giving choice. Microsoft launching Kinect and basically make the peripheral a compulsory buy for the platform to have any value.

Microsoft through all this though will still undoubtedly manage to hold onto the core market as people now have much greater investment in consoles they owne. You own digital content that you will loose if you ditch xbox, you will loose your online identity, you will loose your friends list, your achievements etc. Changing platforms means a lot more than just getting a new machine.

darthv722722d ago

I think you got it wrong. MS was always about building the platform to which those games would come to. Not themselves being into core or casual like people think.

This isnt like the old days of nintendo when they had to approve everything to be released on the system. MS is all about content. Content for them is 100% 3rd party driven. If you want to blame them for your view then blame them for not buying up every little company that makes a game you like.

To quote a movie phrase: If you build it, they will come.

If you want to blame somebody, blame the 3rd parties for having ideas on what to do now. I would rather see an increase of creativity than a constant flood of same old same old.

darksied2722d ago


Yes, I can blame them. I want regular core titles on the 360, not Kinect. I want them to get more exclusive titles that people like ME will play. They can do whatever they want with the Kinect, but I don't want them spending every bit of their energy improving on that if it's at the expense of my kind of games.

And one more thing: people all say that the Kinect and the Move are the same thing: casual devices for people to play casual games. This is INCORRECT. There is one big difference between the 2: the kinect has no relevance to hardcore titles and the Move does. The move is now supported in a ton of games, like Mag, Heavy Rain, Infamous 2, Killzone 3, Resistance 3, and others. I could give a crap about Sports Champions and the rest of those games, but the Move DOES has relevance in the kind of games that I play. The Kinect DOES NOT. If/When they implement the kinect in way that is not gimmicky (i.e. only voice controls for a minute here or there), then that will be a good thing; the way things are right now with the Kinect ... not so much.

sikbeta2722d ago

There is nothing that anyone can do if kinect bring MS money, the thing sell, casual eat it, if it easy for MS to make casual crap and cash the hell out of it, why not keep doing it? what they do is make it relevant to squeeze all the money they can, sorry but that's the truth...

ActivistBike2722d ago

You are basically implying MS ditched everything for motion controlled gaming. So did Sony, they showed nothing new and alot of Move integrations!

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Morgue2722d ago

I turned on my 360 last night and tried watching the " BING Voice " stuff...... I had to turn it off. " BING X-Men " " Bing this, that " So if I was too say " Badda Bing, Bahda Boom " The Soprano's would appear? Or better yet BABA BOOEY!!

Chuk52722d ago

That conference wasn't the best, but I've seen worse. I mean, everyone kept saying "prove kinect actually has games" and I think MS did to an extent. There was enough effort in what MS is doing to show people that they aren't giving up on Kinect. That said, more core games MS. Seriously, and considering how many games are coming to xbla soon, why wasn't that highlighted?

IMO, the fact that the Vita is available for 250 is what made Sony's conference a clear victory oiver Ms. 2-effin-50
is an amazing price.

LOGICWINS2722d ago

Yeah, but IMO, that $499 Sony monitor bundle is the BEST deal I've heard at E3.

TheDivine2722d ago

No way is that tv a deal 500 for a 24 inch WTF are u guys smoking. I got a 46in tv for 500. That tv was cool but it was TINY and expensive. Good deal my a**. The 249 vita was great, thats a deal. Really nintendo was the only great show imo. They killed it. Ms was meh, although at least theyre giving kinect tons of support.

trancefreak2722d ago

Ya it was I might return my new 23" Samsung led for it depending on the specs.

Scrupuless2722d ago

Your forgetting its 499 for a new game and a 3d tv at 1080p, oh and 3d glasses pretty good deal if you look at the price of 3d tech right now. I am not sure that glasses based 3d will be the 3d of choice in the near future but as it stands now its a pretty dang good price point.

zag2722d ago

that isn't a 24" TV.

It's a 24" 3D TV.

Big difference seeing as a standard HD TV can't show 3D of any kind and there's plenty of 3D blu0-rays coming out all the time now.

darksied2722d ago


Like the other comments said, this is a 3D Tv, not a regular 24-inch. But I'm surprised no one mentioned the biggest feature: 2 different people see 2 different screens. Can you name another tv that is capable of that right now?

No more split screen; 2 separate images. That is amazing. And they mentioned that it's only 24" to keep the price low; it's not a big room, it's for a smaller room or bedroom.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

''I got a 46in tv for 500.''

But that TV came with the feature Multiplayer mode and with 3D Glasses in it, and a copy of Resistance 3?

edgeofblade2722d ago

I don't care what the price of 3D tech is. Whatever it is, the price is coming down to what's more fair. I'm not about to pay a ridiculous margin on a gimmick that will be virtually standard within 5 years. With passive glasses.

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femshep2722d ago

people were saying prove kinect has games and bioware and ubi both showed you can use kinect without making a full fledged game out of it......the simplicity of just being able to pull apart the gun fully to mod it or being able to interact with the game with your voice is more than enough to show you can use kinect and not gimp a core game from its true audience....thats what i really liked about this year's show is they finally did what i wanted them to do.....make a core game and use kinect for small roles in the game

ArBilly2722d ago

And that's what you wanted? What I wanted was for Microsoft to come out with Kinect and use it for something other then replacing button presses. The thing with Mass Effect didn't do it for me. I could read those lines each time now if I wanted to - and i would be spared the frustration when Kinect doesn't get it right.

All I saw was new ways to make games more complicated without enhancing gameplay. I want more from Kinect. The biggest problem with Wii games is when they just replace a button press with a "waggle". That's all MS has done here with Kinect, replaced a button press with a voice command or well planned out menus with obscure hand gestures. That's not innovative, in my book. That's irritating.

iamnsuperman2722d ago

So you want to put down £100 for a small part of the game. The Ghost recon thing is nice but what is the point. £100 is a serious amount to just pull a gun apart or use voice comands. There needs to be more. There is no emersion or added gameplay value this. What microsoft is doing is saying to third party developers put something (like navigation) in so it can use kinect and on the box we put better with kinect. It isn't and this core direction isn't going to make more core fans go out and buy a kinect. They need more roles than this to justify a purchase. Ifthe kinect was £30 it would be a different story but the price combined with lack of credible function is going to turn core games away from kinect

FredEffinChopin2722d ago

Ding ding! We have a winner. Exactly, people don't want to use new methods of control to do what they could all along, only more clumsily. Kinect is proving that it is as limited in terms of gaming as skeptics have suggested since its announcement.

KingME2722d ago

Here's the deal, had Microsoft spent the entire briefing showing "hardcore" content and exclusives, people would have been bitching about Kinect being a one hit wonder and that Microsoft has already abandoned it.

People whined that the object scanning was BS, now it's been proven to work and that have finally shut up about it.

I guess what I am saying is, it doesn't matter what you do, there are ALWAYS going to be someone bitching and whining...ALWAYS!

I'll tell you what the biggest change I've seen over the years in gaming, how whining and spoiled the fanbase has become, and how everyone seems to be an expert.

Guys, just buy what you like, pass on what you don't, move on and STFU.

This has been a public service announcement.

edgeofblade2722d ago

What I'm hearing from the core crowd is they want a core shooter using Kinect. That's not happening, unless Microsoft adopts their own version of Move-style controllers. While I think Kinect tech is pretty cool, it is relatively limited... and there is something to be said for buttons.

KingME2722d ago

"there is something to be said for buttons"

You act as if the 360 no longer has a controller. Most of the Kinect stuff that showed was optional control methods.

Now you want to talk about a horrible tacked on control method, the NBA 2k12 Move interface was horrific, I can see no practical use for that.

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snipes1012722d ago

I think MS were kind of in a lose/lose situation. If they didn't show anything Kinect, they would have been critisized for not supporting the product they just worked so hard to push. By showing Kinect, however, they shorted their core audience and at the end of the day had a pretty mediocre showing.

Hicken2722d ago

They could have shown Kinect for the entire conference if they wanted; what killed them was not having anything for the hardcore gamers, for the people who have been on their system since day one. Halo's nothing new: we all knew that was coming. Same with Gears. Forza has some insignificant Kinect features like a theater mode or something. And Fable.... 'nuff said. That's 3 big name exclusives (excluding Fable for obvious reasons) that hard core gamers can get excited about, and two of them will be out this year. The only thing they have to look forward to next year is Halo, and even then, they have to HOPE it doesn't suck because Bungie's not at the helm.

snipes1012722d ago

Yea I agree that they left the core out in the cold. I also think that MS seriously needs to get some new exclusive IP's for their console. I always buy multiplats for my xbox (I also have ps3 and wii), but having some exclusives on my console of choice would help.

Final point: if they're gonna go all kinect on us, give the core something to latch onto with it. I don't like motion cotrols in the least bit (I refuse to buy either move or kinect and use the classic controller whenever I can on wii), but I know there are others that want it.

edgeofblade2722d ago

Actually, I think people are seeing what they want to see. And far too many people "want" to see Microsoft abandon the core so they can point fingers.

How could that possibly be true? I'm also thinking the "core" is getting stubborn about what kinds of experiences they try to enjoy and they get offended at the presence of causal games on their console, or at least those that get any press time. I'm not saying the core needs to go play Disneyland. I'm saying they should give games like Fable Journey a chance.

I will however say I was sorely disappointed not to see Steel Battalion make an appearance.

snipes1012722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )


I can see your point and I'll admit that Stell Battalion could showcase controller-less interface nicely (moving your hand like a joystick to maneuver the mech, pressing buttons on your mechs control panel with simple pressing gestures, moving your head to look left and right around your cabin), but my biggest thing is the lack of anything fresh (meaning IP's) in the exclusives department.

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Prcko2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

New halo is coming:

Star512722d ago

I'ma firin mah lazah! at you for that one. hilarious. You've earned 7 internetz

TheComedian2722d ago

Teehee this will be fun to watch indeed :)

Daz2722d ago

i like both, i didnt see a problem ;p Something for everyone.