Bluegamer: Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Hands On

Michael Clark of Bluegamer writes:
Deus Ex is a game that I have long hailed as one of the finest in its genre, unfortunately the series as a whole has not faired as well in my opinion. The sequel, Invisible War, was an a bit of a disappointment to say the least. Now we have Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution which will be arriving in just a few months time. The previews have lead me to believe that things were heading in the right direction, all of the early indicators seemed to show that Eidos would staying true to the formula that made the original so unique and enjoyable. Earlier this week when I heard that there was a preview build that had been leaked I immediately jumped on it, what can I say I could not resist temptation. It is the sequel to one of my favorite PC games after all. I had to check it out if only to just get a taste of what to expect come August. Now that I have had the opportunity to play through a good chunk of the game I can safely say that things are looking g...

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Pintheshadows2749d ago

Thanks for posting this. From a fellow Deus Ex fan.