ArmA3 E3 Teaser Trailer writes: "Bohemia Interactive has released a new teaser trailer for their recently-announced tactical shooter, ArmA 3."

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iamnsuperman2663d ago

Wonder what this will look and play like. Love these types of games

led10902663d ago

This is not ingame footage. But i hope i am wrong.

fatalred alarm2663d ago

kind of disappointing
hope they include chinooks now.

retrofly2663d ago

Live action for the fail :(

MidnytRain2663d ago

Maybe the devs revolutionized their engine and this is actually in-game. ;)

Saryk2663d ago

It shocks me how much content they have put out. I would really love to see what kind of improvements they have done. I am still playing Arma 2 off and on and it is still good enough to last several years.

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