Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary -- old vs. new comparison screenshots

A few side-by-side screenshots to show off the difference between the original and Anniversary editions of Halo: Combat Evolved.

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Burning_Finger2667d ago

They forgot to add rainbows..

Paradicia2667d ago

Night and day difference. It'll be cool to change in-game to the original look with the back button as promised. That will be a nice feature.

aviator1892667d ago

environments look awesome with the exception of some foliage, but the chief's visor and armor are just plain idiotic looking. They just need to fix that.

Dude4202667d ago

I agree, they should at least one of these 2 models unless there's some copyright issue with bungie.

aviator1892667d ago

the reach model, definitely.

MasterD9192667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

This looks fantastic.

Halo 1 is the only game I'm missing in the series on console so this will make an excellent fit to my collection.

beast242tru2667d ago

thats a bigg diff i will buy it i never played the first or second halo