Who has the most download games? The top 20 largest digital distribution stores

The top 20 digital games distribution shops by number of download games

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ATiElite2721d ago

GameStop just bought Impulse so adjust those numbers.

Steam doesn't carry PS3, PSP, Nintendo, or 360 products. They strictly carry PC Software so they are number 4....but

Who makes more money...STEAM! which they account for like 35% of all Digital Downloads (video game industry).

Mac Game Store? never knew that existed, learned something new today.

evrfighter2721d ago

Something tells me this study was funded by gamestop.

deepsea232720d ago

The study certainly wasn't funded. My bank account would know this. :)

radphil2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

"Gamestop (3521 games)
Gamersgate (2900 games)
Direct2Drive/IGN PC Store (2075 games)
Steam (1250 games)
Good Old Games (285 games)

Just so you know, we tried to only count full PC and Mac games, not DLC and other downloadable content."

They really should re-do these numbers.

For that matter, what source did they use, because considering I work at GS, and having a discussion with the DM recently, I know we don't carry many games(if at all) before the XP era.

Edit: Just checked on the site, and it's only 1,305, so where did the extra 2,216 come from?

deepsea232720d ago

Check this link:

2,652 Results for PC Downloads + PS3 + Xbox360 downloads

radphil2720d ago

Thing is they said they counted only PC games.

Saryk2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

I read a report last month about number/amount of games versus money made by distributor. Steam has about 65% to 70% of the market on sales, but not the amount of titles available to sell. I think in that report D2D had the most then Gamersgate then Steam. But from my experience D2D and Steam have had the best sales.

160 Steam games
50 D2D Games
10 Impulse.
4 Gamersgate


Forgot to add EA's Origin
I own 9 games on that one also.