Metal Gear Solid HD Collection to come in two DVDs for 360

Konami’s confirmed that Metal Gear Solid HD Collection will come in more than one disc for the Xbox 360 version of the redeux.

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Paradicia2746d ago

2 disks are better than one.


lil Titan2746d ago

So the 19 people who disagreed with me knew i was right?

Joule2746d ago

BAHAHAH 2 DVD's, pathetic MS. They don't even deserve this these games.

Active Reload2746d ago

Why do people with only one bubble comment?

badz1492746d ago

That 1 bubble is for a comment, so why not?

SilentNegotiator2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Last gen technology, last gen disc arrangement.

It was to be expected. It's not like 10-ish GB were going to hold MGS2, MGS3, and Peace Walker.

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Blacktric2746d ago

I remember the times where Final Fantasy games being shipped on multiple discs on the PlayStation and no one was complaining. Good times. Nowadays if a game gets shipped on multiple discs, it's pathetic. If it gets 7/10 in reviews, it's a fail.

iamtehpwn2746d ago

Well...I remember when games were in a 320x240 or lower...Try shipping that nowadays. The time for multiple discs has passed too.

Valkyre2746d ago ShowReplies(1)
TheGameFoxJTV2746d ago

INB4 the Sony trolls come to troll for no reason. lol

TheGameFoxJTV2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I'm psychic.

mrv3212746d ago

Is it just me or have people forgotten the meaning of troll?

-The game IS on 2 discs
-This IS a flaw
-Blu-ray holds MORE space than DVD
-Microsoft mocked Sony for Blu-ray
-Microsoft NEEDS to delay the next-generation, which IS part of the reason behind Kinect to keep sales strong and engage Sony in a wand war either for some agreement to be made or digital to be strong enough ( This I admit is my opinion but a very logical one )

Those are facts not trolling.

B1663r2746d ago


I was banned for a day for pointing out that ps3 fantrolls were gonna go ballistic after the the Microsoft presser, no matter what. My statement was predictive and accurate. None the less, pointing out the facts is sometimes a troll on n4g. (for example I was also banned for pointing out that the vast majority of the content on those Blu-ray disks is uncompressed audio, and crap compressed video... Why are developers still using bink, when the ps3 has h.264 decoding built right in???)

But since we are on facts... Given the ps3's historically longer loading times than the 360, over the time you play this game, I bet players who play this game on the 360, spend less time the one time they switch those disks, than ps3 players spend waiting for levels to load...

And that will be a fact, so it is not trolling, right?

So before I even post, why all the disagrees? You guys know that is how it will be...

Vaud-Villian2746d ago

How is it a flaw that I can play MGS2 while I let my friend play PeaceWalker on my loaned disc 2?

Exclusive feature!

Motorola2745d ago

Then he loses disc 2 before you touch peace walker.

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Baka-akaB2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Seriously , while this is yet another proof of how frustrating and outdated dvd tech is right now , it's hardly something to brag and boast about .

Who cares it's a collection of multiple games , it's not like you are going to load each title every 5 mins . If you do ... well its your right . But you are just being an idiot , and will bust up your player soon enough , be it bluray or dvd

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