PlayStation Vita Makes Nintendo 3DS Obsolete

Yesterday Sony had officially announced the name of their Next Generation Portable system. The PlayStation Vita was announced as the proper name and was also given a price tag.

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Urmomlol2749d ago

Rubbish articles like this totally explains why your website only has one and a half stars.

Oh, and this isn't news, genius. This is opinion and a crappy one at that.

I_find_it_funny2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

No it doesn't, it does make customers think again before buying though.

I'm sure 3DS is an excelent device, but I'm not interested in having two portable gaming things and Sony titles are more appealing to me.

Etseix2749d ago

I will buy a 3DS ..... but until it gets a lower price. PSV is nto making anything obsolete, some people just like more the 3DS or like the casual gamer will think "it has 3D awesome" without checking its capacity, but i think that people who wants to experience the big deal, will buy teh PSV (heh... im getting used to PSV)

badz1492749d ago

But VITA is not making anything absolete. Definitely not the 3DS. It's just that it will give a better competition than the PSP ever was to the DS.

Millah2749d ago

Yea, because the software and games TOTALLY doesn't matter at all, right?

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Trunkz Jr2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

It's the games that will sell for the system, no matter how much the PSVita is better in specs to the 3DS, it's the games that will do it.

A Pokemon 3DS game alone will explode the 3DS in sales. The PSP > DS in specs and look how that turned out in the end. If Vita can release great games, it will easily keep up with the 3DS.

cogniveritas2749d ago

I would love to see some real RPGs. Imagine an Elder Scrolls or Fallout game complete with mod tools!

iamnsuperman2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

But this hype happened with the original PSP and DS and look how that turned out. I prefer the PSV but history could repeat itself. The price might persuade people to go PSV over 3DS

Optical_Matrix2749d ago

The market was COMPLETELY different back then, and the PSP was over £100/$100 more expensive than the 3DS. Times have changed. It's not comparable.

OT: Foolish article. Although I think Sony really 1up'ed Nintendo on the price here and have imo, what looks like a better line up of games, the 3DS is far from obsolete. Can't wait for OoT 3D next week, and theres still Mario Kart, Super Mario and Tales of Abyss to come later in the year. System has software and thats all I care about.

Star512749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

That is true. They're both at the same price this go 'round. And the deal breaker for many with the original psp ( one analog nub) has been eliminated. Not to mention they're not force-feeding new media at the same time as they tried to do with umd movies. Sony's getting their chance to take advantage of the mistakes and learning experiences yielded from the 1st psp.

metalhead2749d ago

Not to mention the 3DS now is the system with only one analog stick!

DJMarty2749d ago

@iamnsuperman - Price point same, yet PS Vita packs more state of the art hardware, better games.

death2smoochie2749d ago

Oh there was a difference. The DS launched cheaper than the PSP.
This is NOT THE CASE NOW. Sony has learned its lesson with the PSPGo and the PS3.
Having the same price tag for a system that is superior in every way possible will make life for Nintendo that much harder.
You can bet the farm Nintendo drops the price of the 3DS NOW.

--Onilink--2749d ago

Yeah probably the price will play a big factor this time around, however one thing to ponder is the fact that nintendo never releases consoles without making some money out of them, so it means sony is losing some serious $$$ on the PSV, which means also more time before a price drop, something that benefits Nintendo.

Overall, pretty dumb article, which is expected from anything we see on the internet these day, I on the other hand will just make the smart move and buy both, pretty simple and I get to enjoy the best of both worlds ;D

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Zir02749d ago

And the iPhone 5 or 6 will make the PSV obsolete.

I honestly believe in two years smart phones will be ahead of the 3DS and PSV in power. The iPhone is already ahead of the 3DS since it can run Unreal 3.

Sony should have let the PSV have phone capabilities because it won't survive for more than a couple of years same for the 3DS.

VampiricDragon2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

phones cant play real games.

yay unreal engine 3 angry birds or some other 3 hour pile of crap

Terarmzar2749d ago

With all of the features it has and for its price, it's not going to be passed anytime soon.

Strange_Evil2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

I have an iPhone and ya the Unreal engine graphics do look great on games like Infinity Blade as well as Rage engine on Rage, but it's so cumbersome to play a game on the phone without any buttons.

For true gamers, PSV or 3DS are the only choice IMO. iPhone is good for casual games like Angry Birds or Tiny wings, but for true gaming experiences, PSV it is for me. As people say, Graphics aren't everything... Maybe in 2 years, an iPhone could challenge PSV hardware wise, but that doesn't change the fact that there is no way to implement complex inputs.

mastershredder2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Very True.

That is one thing I hate about working with iOS and the smaller iPhone/iPod resolutions. Having to conform to the screen size for control input is a real pain in the ass. Also the fact that precision control is pretty much killed with using this style interface, which also limits the range of control you could have with sticks or buttons.

I truly wish to see something like the prank-concept iBone come to reality (although not that type of design). If we could get an Apple supported wireless or port connected grip/controller device, it would seriously allow for better game features/support. I would sooooo map those freak'n controls over.

Personally, I don't want to see gaming portables go anywhere as they contribute greatly to the evolution of portable gaming (and they are just simply cool). That being said, one must recognize that potable device (not just phones) are becoming smaller, more powerful and more all-in-one. When they can do anything your dedicated gaming portable can do, it seriously makes the limited (yet special) gaming portable the illogical choice. It will take time, but who knows. Maybe the road will split again.

mrv3212749d ago

Your an idiot. Phones will become more powerful however limited by previous generations. You BE insane to ignore the huge market of iPhone 4/iPod touch and for that reason NO ONE will use iPhone 5/6 full power.

No physical buttons mean that it'll be very limited touch wise.

Did you see Uncharted on that thing? Looks like a PS3 game ( a early one )

iPhone 5=$200+Contract

What if you want Android of Windows phone 7?

PSV looks promising and could be a huge success, I mean it has a 5 inch screen for some it could be a tablet replacement ( movie peoople/light web browsing )

mastershredder2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

I just saw that comment about no one using the Phone's Full Power.... I hope that is sarcasm as currently many iOS developers have no problem using "full power". Trust me, more than enough people are going in limited to the constraints of the iOS and iDevice hardware specs. iPhone 5, no matter the rumored specs, has anyone bitting their nails over its overwhelming power.

death2smoochie2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Phones do not have dedicated controls with the exception of the PS Phone so thats it edge over phones at this time. If your a core gamer, phones wont cut it.

As for power over these handhelds?
It won't be 2 years that we see phones power powering handhelds...
It will late 2011 when Nvidia releases their quad core chipset that has 4 CPU cores and 12 GPU CORES. That chip comes this August with phones and tablets using them by October, November.
Then in the 1st part of 2012 Nvidia updates that chip to a even faster one that is double the power.
By 2013, Nvidia's chipset will be almost 4 times faster than the NGP. Now the question is, will developers use this power these tablets and phones have for good games?

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VampiricDragon2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

didnt the psp make the ds obsolete? no it didnt

Doubt nintendo, and get burned

i believe nintendo knows what its strategy is.

The ngp will launch in 1 region in at least 4 or 5 months time. A price drop will happen with the 3ds.

damn, this is like ds vs psp all over again

At nintendos E3 conference nintendo will announce dates and new first and third party 3ds games. thats what sells

GAMES, not specs or price

majiebeast2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Pricecut already shows desparation at Nintendo and will piss off the early adaptors of the 3ds. Nintendo is screwed if they cant rehash mario or pokemon before psv launch.

I hope nintendo gets a beatdown so they will finaly realise you cant survive on the same 20 year old franchises and need new core IP's instead of jokes like wii sports and wii music. My wii hasnt been turned on ever since i beat donkey kong country returns.

VampiricDragon2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

hey fanboy

Everything you said makes zero sense.

All systems get pricecuts. Usually during the holidays. Thats not new. The ds got 2 before the lite 1.8 months later.

And if I had a nickle every time some smart ass troll said nintendo was screwed I could pay for the 3ds with the.

Look at the ds. It was getting outsold by the psp for 2 years. and look what happened The ds didnt have a ton of stuff either for 2 years.

A real gamer wants all companies to be successful. More games. A fanboy hates and needs to reassure himself that the system he has enough money for is the best ever.

"need new core IP's instead of jokes like wii sports and wii music. "

Yeah because thats all there was this gen. Xenoblade is a prime example. And wii sports sold like gangbusters.

I will say it over and over. Those who doubt nintendo. Get burned everytime.

Star512749d ago

The success of the ds doesn't prove it's value to REAL gamers. The ds was spotlighted towards kids and moms. It was never TRULY hardcore. Sure it has some cool puzzle games and rpgs, mario and pokemon. But nothing on it, if it even exists, with a teen rating or mature rating ever struck accord with the hardcore. If nintendo's raking in money, as it has with the DS line and the Wii, it's because of tots and milfs.
The GAMES, to me, is what makes for a great console *sheds a mime-tear for the dreamcast* not the sales

Peaceful_Jelly2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

PsP was like twice the price of DS. People tend to go for the cheapest console and it has already been proven with every console generation. The least expensive one always win even if it has the crappiest hardware and graphics...

But this time around we have a beast with an OLED screen packed with features and graphics that easily the destroy the 3DS for the same price.

NYC_Gamer2749d ago

they both appeal to different crowds so neither will be obsolete

zero_gamer2749d ago

I think this is the most spot on post in this entire thread. No bickering, arguing and fanboyism.

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