Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – Story and Gameplay Demo

Since it’s first introduction Uncharted 3 has looked AMAZING surpassing the visuals of even it’s highly touted brother Uncharted 2. Naughty Dog and Sony have been really kind to us this E3 – giving us two new videos!

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WhiteLightning2602d ago

Has anyone noticed that ring on Elenas don't think....

I suppose it would be ok if they got married in U3 but as long as they don't bring a child into this then I'm fine.

MinusTheBear2602d ago

I'm thinking the game will end with her saying she's pregnant or something to make the ending full of nice familial warmth. Hehe.

Burning_Finger2602d ago

Stupid media spoiling everything..

I'm just going to wait for the release and play it myself.

blizzard_cool2602d ago

You know that no one is forcing you to read it?

bacano2602d ago

ND did it again... Day one for me.
I hope they won't change multiplayer very much, I rather liked how it was in UC2 (it was difficult to find a match, though). Larger maps could be a good thing, too.

Series_IIa2602d ago

Looks really good, Enjoyed UC2 Singleplayer, multiplayer was pretty rubbish after 1.05 patch.

Greyfoxdbz2602d ago

Glad to see they added hit detection to the gunplay, as well as other improvements such as disarming an enemy to take their gun and underwater swimming.