Four Things Halo 4 Must Have to Not Suck

Jake Weston from gamrFeed - "Arguably the biggest announcement of E3 today was the reveal of Halo 4, 343 Studios' first game and the first Halo game in the main series to not be developed by Bungie Studios. It'll hard to accept a new Halo without Bungie at the helm, but a new developer brings new blood. Of course, that doesn't mean Halo 4 will be a sure-fire success. Here are the things that 343 Studios must do to make Halo 4 work. "

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iamnsuperman2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

The problem with a new threat it will be like doing star wars episode 7 with the enemy not being the Sith/Empire. I can't think of a way they will do it without new enemies but its like "oo look a new undiscovered enemy how convenient "

Convas2721d ago

You have your Precursors, you have your Forerunners (whom I don't believe all truely died), you have your Forerunner Guardians (Sentinels, etc) and you have the Flood.

Take your pick.

edhe2721d ago

Humans were fighting the forerunners long before the covenant turned up.


palaeomerus2721d ago

Yup. The humans and the San 'Shyuum(the ancestors of the prophets) were allies and nearly stood up to the Forerunners with similar if inferior technology. They also managed to cripple the flood before being defeated by the Forerunners.

Cryptum is a pretty cool little book.

theonlylolking2721d ago

I dont want it to be like the same halo multiplayer over and over again. Every halo online feels pretty much the same and plays the same just like COD.

edhe2721d ago

"Sequels in similar-game-to-the-one-before -it shocker!!!"

2721d ago
Venjense2721d ago

Halo plays nothing like COD.

WombBat2721d ago

you dont even know what youre talking about, every halo has completely different mechanics.

BlackKnight2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Halo 1 MP had health bar and shields, 0 regenerative health, only shields, no dual weilding, no vehicle jacking, vehicles took no damage and cannot be destroyed. Fall damage existed.

Halo 2, no more health bar (hidden and regenerative), just shield bar. vehicles took damage and can be destroyed, dual weilding and vehicle jacking. Some old weapons changed (rocker launcher gaining a lock feature, changed vehicle fights alot). Melee system now has a small "leap" and slight auto aim. Grenade throwing distance reduced like crazy. No more fall damage.

Halo 3, Deployable equipment, new weapons and old weapons changed again, two more grenade types, new vehicles, melee leap reduced, Custom maps and modes able to be made. Online campaign coop.

Halo Reach, armor abilities, new weapons and old weapons changed again, back to standard grenades, new vehicles, assassinations, health is back with minor regen properties, shield behavior much different (affects melee fights alot more), fall damage back due to being weaker spartans, sprint as armor ability, Firefight, many new modes like invasion. even more custom content and map generation.

I didn't include ODST even though it brought firefight and such.

I just wanted to show HUGE changes made in the balancing of Halo and how it plays.

Since COD4, we got zombies (on non MW COD games), Spec Ops in MW2, new weapons and killstreaks, and "new" game modes (and I say "new" because alot of the new ones in Blops were straight rips from popular Counter Strike modes made by players, especially "Gun game"). Diving in Blops, and perks being added, removed or changed. And many of these additions are HORRIBLY unbalanced and ruined the greatness of COD4, Solid map designs/spawn zones, solid balancing, balanced killstreaks, etc.

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Convas2721d ago

Honestly? I WANT to fight the Flood again. That's one of the loose ends in Halo 3. We put the Covenant-Human war to bed, but Gravemind skipped out on the bed time story. I want closure.

I'm also pretty sure that the story is going to tie in with Halsey and the Spartan IIs in the Dyson Sphere somehow as well.

edhe2721d ago

Nah the flood's over. Gravemind was on the arc when it blew, and whilst there's bound to be remnants of the flood all through the galaxy [thank you, galctic clowds..] the flood story's tired.

Let it go.

Bring in some forerunner/precursor stuff. Having read the latest novel it could be awesome.

GusBricker2721d ago

Just let me play as Master Chief and ONLY Master Chief.

Munky2721d ago

But what if you had the chance to play as Fred, Kelly or Linda? I personally would love to see BLUE TEAM reunited, not just for game purposes but story wise it would be great to see, especially for halo fans who have read First Strike and Ghosts of Onyx.

The_Ultimate_Guy2721d ago

Halo 4 can be the exact same as Halo or Halo 2 or Halo 3 or Halo Reach and it STILL WON'T SUCK. There hasn't been a Halo game released YET that "sucked".

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