Manhunt 2's Parental Boycott of Common Sense

GamePolitics writes: "Not suprisingly, watchdog groups are weighing in on Manhunt 2 as the game's Halloween launch draws near.

San Jose Mercury-News scribe Mike Antonucci reports that Common Sense Media has issued a press release urging parents to boycott the game. Not bad advice, actually, since no one under the age of 17 should be playing Manhunt 2, anyway".

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TruthbeTold4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

Parental boycott of a violent game? Yes.

Holier than thou Lawyer attempting to sue companies that make them? No.

The best thing that can happen regarding violent games, online problems and whatnot is that Parents actually parent for a change. Then maybe we could all enjoy an online experience without little kids acting like they have no sense, Nintendo could do away with abominably annoying friend codes, and we wouldn't have people trying to pass laws/bans on issues pertaining to freedom of choice.

Rooftrellen4063d ago

Too bad most parents would rather see these kids of games just not come out rather than try to be a parent.

TruthbeTold4063d ago

The sad thing is that they'd rather the government fix it for them than perform their own responsibility.

"I bought Johnny that Wii so that he'd shut up and stay out of my hair, and so he'd have something to do when I'm at work all day. I don't want to have to worry about what games he might play since I'm not there to make sure he stays away from games inappropriate for his age group. Thank you U.S. government for taking away our liberties so that I can be lazy and not have to care!"

teto834063d ago

Should be because Manhunt actully sucks!!!!!!Manhunt should be considered a crime against gaming!

TruthbeTold4063d ago

But substanceless bashing of a game or system just for immature kicks should be considered a crime against this site. At this point, all that behavior stands for is a "Little kid badge", to display for everyone how insecure and immature you are. I hope you and the rest of those like you get over it soon because it's annoying...