First Battlefield 3 PS3 Screenshots Showcase The PS3's Power

GS Writes: "Something caught my eye while watching the E3 2011 Frostbite 2 features trailer. In the lower right hand corner it said PC in-game footage, but at around the 45 second mark it clearly says PS3 in-game footage as seen here"

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Sanii2744d ago

I didn't think that was possible on the PS3. Dice have raised the incredibly high bar even higher!

I_find_it_funny2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

hey DICE - not sure if serious

I mean this looks great, though you cant tell a lot out of two brief moments, I believe the fact alone that they put it there is saying a lot.

king dong2744d ago

im sorry, after playing both 360 and ps3 versions of bad company AND seeing the word "cinematic" in the ps3 footage then, i am going to reserve judgement until i see IN-GAME.

imo nothing to see here....... yet!!

superadvanced2744d ago

they didnt put any 360 footage in there... what could that mean?

solar2744d ago

what's with these articles that keep over dramatizing the "power of the Ps3"? just put up "screen shots of BF3". we all know the ps3 is a powerful piece of proprietary hardware, but we dont need to hear it over and over again. it's like a fanboy justification thing. is it some sort of complex?


Kahvipannu2744d ago

You get a ton more hits with it, stupid thing, but works like a charm..

SuperbVillain2744d ago

I think it has to do with the fact that we haven't seen the PS3s full power and yet the PS3 still puts out amazing graphics for a console.It's exciting that we haven't seen it's true limits yet and whats not to appreciate about that?

solar2744d ago

dont get me wrong, we see it with the 360 and PC articles as well. but not to the extent of ps3 articles.

and @ above:

its 6 year old tech in the ps3. it puts out good looking games, but personally i dont see it producing dramatically better looking games as it does right now.

Headquarters112744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

BF3 is gonna look as good as the Youtube videos look, on consoles. Look at the PC Crysis 2, BFBC2 youtube videos, They look exactly the same as the console versions.

IDK why people are worried about how the console version is gonna look. Just look at the videos!

Ravenor2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )


As a owner of both versions of BC2, I respectfully disagree. The PS3 and Xbox 360 version of BC2 look far worse then the PC version. The textures look soft and blurry, the aliasing is awful and the bloom is absolutely out of control on the desert maps.

I can dial up the anisotropic filtering/texture quality, the anti aliasing and shut off the bloom. Not to mention run it in native 1920*1080, at 60fps on the PC version.

Since when did youtube video's count for seeing/playing stuff?

Jamzluminati2744d ago

Ravenor, no fricking sh!t it looks worse than the pc version because the PC is not limited in hardware as the 360 and PS3 is. Jesus Christ are people retarded now or something? Everyone knows that if you make your PC powerful enough it can look better than 360 and PS3 maxed out. Just go play your damn Witcher 2 or whatever the hell you are playing now.

-We are watching

zero_cool2744d ago

PS3 is an open source platform not proprietary get your information straight before posting!

Ju2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Frostbite 2 is a complete new engine, though. It has nothing to do with BC2. This version is also heavily optimized through utilizing the SPUs (deferred rendering). I would expect a bigger gap between 360 and PS3 this time - and it will support top end GPUs in PCs (direct compute support in the deferred renderer).


"PS3 is an open source platform not proprietary get your information straight before posting!"


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b163o12744d ago

These aren't gameplay images, they look like cut scenes of anything. Just sayin. It still looks amazing thou,

b163o12744d ago

To all my wonderful disagrees, where was the gameplay in those 2scences? The tree's moving or the Guy raising his hand?????? Don't get wrong, I love my ps3 and battlefield just as everyone else doe's. And see it taking down the giant COD. But snippets aren't gameplay, those snippets were all of 4secs.

DERKADER2744d ago

In-game footage doesn't mean game play. A cut scene is still considered in game footage.

trippyaaron2744d ago

in game footage means its rendered using the game engine, not prerendered cgi

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the_kutaragi_baka2744d ago

the series of batlefield games deserve more respect of COD gamers...

creatchee2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I don't think that it's necessarily a question of respect. Although both are first person shooters, they aren't necessarily the same type of game.

I was griping to my friend (who is a HUGE BF fan) that we only got to see a tank gameplay demo at the EA event. He responded that that was because BF is a vehicle based combat game. While I don't necessarily agree with him completely, I get his point. BF and COD are simply different animals that share the FPS distinction. COD is an arcadey, fast-paced fragfest where BF is more deliberate and tactical. That doesn't mean that either game can't have moments where it is similar to the other, but in general, they aren't clones.

There's room in this world for both games. Sure they are in competition, but no more than any other two games with similar elements.

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chriski3332744d ago

Looks great can't wait for the game to come out ps3 pulls it off again looks as good as the pc version

B00M2744d ago

Looks good but wont run and look as good as the PC version.

BrianG2744d ago


Depending on your rig of course. The console versions will be static when it comes to performance, while PC is very variable.

I could have two 560Ti's and a i7 2600k getting over 100 frames per second on this game with settings on high. (Guessing obviously, haven't tried that). Whereas a single GTX 260 and a Core 2 Duo won't run it so well.

My friend bought a 500 computer that can't run Portal 2 better than the console versions. It was a pre loaded Dell desktop. Custom is definitely the way you want to go for the best performance to dollar ratio.

R6ex2744d ago

If Bulldozer doesn't live up to expectation, then Sandy Bridge + Asus 580 Matrix, here I come!

DreamTension2744d ago

I built a PC for $850 18 months ago and could run portal maxed at 1080p with 60fps. I don't think I will fare as well with Battlefield 3. I would like to see it running on PS3. It would be sweet if EA did a deal like Portal 2 where you buy the PS3 version and get the PC version free...doubt it though since it seems they will vary in content more than Portal did between the 2 platforms (ie 64 vs 24 online).

hiredhelp2744d ago

Having to do your own rig way you like it. It is costly but worth it.
Soo many options in games when comes to pc.

I love my ps3 dont get me wrong but we in a new age we still cant map out own buttons on a pad. Like we can map on a keyboard for any game.
One day maybe console have a pci card slot we can have true AA custome settings shadows texturs ect.

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MGRogue20172744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

On PC, It's going to look even better! :P


MostJadedGamer2744d ago

Maybe this is the first PS3 multiplatform game that is a really significant upgrade over the 360 version. That would explain why they are not showing the 360 version at the show.

Statix2743d ago

You think this would be the first time it's happened?

MostJadedGamer2744d ago

"its 6 year old tech in the ps3. it puts out good looking games, but personally i dont see it producing dramatically better looking games as it does right now."

That is completely FALSE. The PS3 is NOT even 5 years old yet let alone 6. Somebody needs to learn to count.

solar2743d ago

and someone needs to learn about research and development. good try though. whats worse is you have 5 agrees. blinders, ON!!

zero_cool2741d ago

I did & i got disagrees months ago from other users for saying it could be done now the jokes on those fools that call me stupid & who disagreed with me all those months.

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Wizziokid2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

holy shit i hope it's true!


it's not fake, I just watched the trailer again and saw it.
around the 00:48 mark and 00:57 mark it shows ps3 footage.

great spot gamesheep! don't know how people missed that :D

AKissFromDaddy2744d ago

I saw it go from PC to PS3 in game footage. I thought it was all PC footage the at first, lol.

This will look good on consoles too.

However, how does DICE make a engine that looks better than Crytek's?

limewax2744d ago

By using resources well rather than wasting large portions of it on having an excessive amount of objects that eat resources like crazy (aka lots of bent metal of which lots was unique) This is a great way to waste resources.

Personally I think Crytek should have focused less on such things, and made the game smoother for consoles, And have DX11 out the door on release. The end product would have looked superior to what we currently have across any of its available platforms

Statix2744d ago

DICE developer Johan Andersson (@repi on Twitter) CONFIRMS that those few seconds are indeed PS3 footage!!/repi/...

xtreampro_REVENGE!2744d ago

how the hell does the writer know this? this article is pure BS.

theonlylolking2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

On the bottom right it will switch from PC to PS3 footage every now and then.

DontShoot-Me-Bro2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I thought that too.

The author said at the 45 second mark, he is wrong, at the 45 second mark it still says PC in game footage.

forward to about 50 second mark, and look at the bottom right, it says PS3 in game footage.

WetN00dle692744d ago

Yeah the scene where all the cars are packed together was PS3 footage and so was the part with the bald dude. Damn does it look nice!

Supman2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )


Wizziokid2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

seriously can't wait for this now!