Full tour video of Home

It's still the same kind of video but this one is pretty long and the writer felt guilty of not having anything to post for a while, so here you go.. a new video.

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Ri0tSquad3371d ago

we can turn on our PS3s and just boot right into this instead of going to the XMB. They could have an option to turn it on and off in settings menu.

Vojkan3371d ago

I think thats logical thing to do.

whateva3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

it's ok but it's old to me

Edit: How in the hell can someone Disagree with the fact that I seen this video a week ago lol

Vojkan3371d ago

Who cares about you and what is old to you? Jesus....

ARog343371d ago

Your English is just a little off. jk...

jack who3371d ago

so this is the next coming of jesus the fanboy were on about?

i want my 8 mins back:|

doomsonyman3371d ago

elegant and amazing home make it easy and casual to meet new cool people thats what makes it so spacial

Evil0Angel3371d ago Show
HarryEtTubMan3371d ago

And I'm sure you've tried all the 80 or 90 games that "suck" in the month you've had the console right? If u don't like it take it back and play your junkbox... you act like we care and its goin to eefect our PS3 experience.. U probally don't even have a PS3 loser.

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The story is too old to be commented.