8.0 The Witcher 2: Review - Right candidate for GOTY

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings starts in Temeria, shortly after an attempt assassination on King Foltest. As the royal’s favorite bodyguard Geralt has been pressed into service in Foltest’s army. Here, he joins returning favorite, the sorceress Triss Merigold and an interesting new crown servant named Vernon Roche in the battle to save Temeria’s throne from the perils of civil war. Unfortunately, the appearance of a strange and powerful witcher puts their plans in jeopardy: Foltest is slain by an unknown assassin and Geralt is accused of the murder. Now, the White Wolf must work to clear his name and track down the true kingslayer, all while doing his best to steer clear of the political upheaval which threatens to engulf Temeria and the other Northern Kingdoms as the infamous empire of Nilfgaard tries once again to lay claim to the free peoples of the Pontar Valley. Sound daunting? It should. As the only witness to Foltest’s death and the secret plans of the kingslayers, Geralt must face down monsters, murderers, political intrigue and his own personal demons in this rollicking installment in CD Projekt RED’s Witcher saga.

Written by Amelia

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