PC Gaming at E3: The Good, The Bad & The Indifferent

Ironhammers: I had a fun 10 hours of watching the glitzy E3 2011 coverage over at GameTrailers. I didn’t see the time go by, since it was jam-packed with enough gossip and news to make my hair curl. I can already hear you asking, “but how much of all that nattering is relevant to us PC gamers?”. Good question, considering how little PC news was covered today. Well, luckily for you, I’m about to share the good, bad and indifferent news and gameplay with you dedicated souls.

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iamnsuperman2719d ago

If you can afford the high specs BF3. That is basically of PC showing

SKUD2719d ago

There needs to be more devs dedicated to ONLY PC gaming IMO.

EvilDonkey2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

I am a PC gamer.

I do not care if a game is PC only or not. I do, however, care a lot about the state of ports.

Most of the ports PC get, are pretty damn shitty. Sluggish controls, low resolution textures, bad custom mapping/settings of keyboard/mouse, still DX9.

SKUD2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

I can respect your opinion.

At the same time, All of that can be avoid by solely focusing on one platform for maximum output. Consoles get that kind of attention. Why not the PC?. I think back to Alan Wake and wonder what could of been if it had been done on the PC. I really doubt the console version came even close to what the PC could of opened up. Will never know. That sucks. To many devs running to consoles to make a quick buck + charge for DLC. Now that nickel and dime model is making its way full time to the PC. F THAT.