E3 2011: PS Home fails to show Sony press conference

"Last week Sony promised us that we would get the best Sony E3 experience possible through Home and would be able to watch the press conference live through home. But we couldn't. No stream ever materialized. When will Sony do something right with this useless piece of rubbish?" - PureDarkness

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Joni-Ice2627d ago

I was pissed about this so I watched it on the blog instead.

Dee_912627d ago

what the hell is this rubish?
I watched e3 on Home yesterday

it started about 10 mins late tho

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SilentNegotiator2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

"No stream ever materialized"

Someone was in the wrong home. Some people had issues with it, but many saw it on Home just fine.

PureDarkness2627d ago

Quite how you can tell me I was flat out lying I don't understand. I know what happened to me. Maybe it was EU region only that it wasn't working, but plenty of other people around me were saying the exact same thing.

Dee_912627d ago

well the show all together started late
so alot of people thought it was just home
but home started about 10 to 15 mins late

if you didnt stay there the whole time you shouldnt even have spoke on it
and there was people from eu and germany in the room i was in watching it just fine with no lag or freezing

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AstroZombie12627d ago

Home already fails in general this just adds to the collection.

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nopunctuation2627d ago

Home will only be good for me once they get in streaming music and video from the HDD like they promised it would have at launch.

Persistantthug2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

I can barely get a game of bowling because it's always filled.

Also, Sony reports that they make quite a bit of money from Home with advertising and items sold.

My suggestion AstroZombie1, is don't pretend what's good or bad for YOU, reflects everyone else's feelings.

PS....E3 was working in Home yesterday...Probably just not in the region the author was in.

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Nes_Daze2627d ago

Okay I used Home for a while, since Closed beta, and it's actually FILLED with potential. However, it is weighed down by crappy loyal fans that would prefer barbie type gameplay rather than a true psn virtual representation.

Home DOES NOT suck, it is just headed in the worst direction possible...

Neo Nugget2627d ago

"When will Sony do something right with this useless piece of rubbish?"

Don't use it then? Clearly people log onto it often and take advantage of the service.

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