Uncharted 3 interview - no complete coop campaign, no move support

Naughty Dog's Justin Richmond is speaking in an audio interview to VGZ. For Uncharted 3 there will be no move support. There also is no complete coop campaign in Uncharted 3. You can listen to the audio interview at end of the article in the source.

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KwietStorm2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Good. Don't need either one. The current co-op campaign looks like enough of an improvement as it is.

Christopher2719d ago

I get no coop campaign, but they should definitely improve upon the co-op options from U2.

And, yeah, I'm just not seeing Move work too well in a third person shooter with platforming elements as diverse as they are in Uncharted.

I was amazed they announced Move support coming to inFamous in a future update... I'll be amazed to see that work all that well in comparison to the DS3.

KwietStorm2719d ago

It is improved. That's what I was talking about.

ForROME2719d ago

Uncharted doesnt need eithier, it can stand on its own 2 legs. Cant wait for this game.

ps3bestever2719d ago

"no coop campaign"
hell yessssssssss!

metsgaming2719d ago

normally i would be bummed about this but its better this way. They would have had to change up the campaign to make it work and it would have messed with the SP experience. Loved the coop objective from UC2, they should do do alot more of that.

Max_Dissatisfaction2719d ago ShowReplies(2)
WhiteLightning2719d ago

no coop campaign

Good and it should stay that way. Co-Op the hell out of the online but keep it out of single player

"But..But theres always an AI person with you"

...WRONG. It's half and half, the other half of the time Drake goes solo, I mean it's good because you don't have someone backing you up all the time.

"It's not like it would ruin it"

Yes it would because can you imagine, for example, playing the intro of U2 with two players. What about when you have to quickly run out of the train, dosen't seem enough room for two people...these of the parts of the game people have to think about with co-op in Uncharted campaign. The quick time events wouldn't really work. Besides this is a film like game YOU are the hero, not you and your friend.

I think some people have got to let this co-op thing go. It ruins most single player games and when these co-op freaks get what they want they play on the game for like a month and go back to Halo or COD