E3 2011: The Kinect Strikes Back: Kinect Star Wars


"Finally a Kinect game to get excited about?

There is one thing that gets me every time, whether I am in the middle of knocking out plates at work, studying new recipes or just sharpening my knife kit (I should mention that I am a chef) and that thing is Star Wars.

When I hear that iconic theme play, I want to stand on the nearest table, hand over heart and a tear in my eye and just remember the Empire in all its glory (rebels suck!)."

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gaminoz2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

This is the only game that looks to use the Kinect in an interesting way...but is it enough to get me to buy it?

The kids will sure bug me for it though...

iamnsuperman2719d ago

That is what is disappointing about the game. It is great for the kids and that is it.

gaminoz2719d ago

I don't know...some big kids might get a kick (pun) out of it.

But yeah, it is basic.

kneon2719d ago

But keep in mind that Star Wars is for kids, so maybe that's intentional.

And before the Star Wars fans get all uptight, GL himself has said Star Wars was made for kids.

Mykky2719d ago

Saw the conference yesterday and and my hopes for it went *KABOOM*. The gameplay looks really slow and boring. I have not played it though so I could be greatly mistaken but from the looks of it it looks bad. (My opinion ofc)
Will anyway be popular with the casuals.

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BadCircuit2719d ago

It looks good I just hope it works well.

XboxOZ3602719d ago

These are great to play with, exhausting, but great fun.

I don't know why so many ppl, mostly so-called gamers, are against these things. They get the 'family' together, and also encourage you to get off your big fat tush . . .

Having played with a Kinect, I can say they ARE heaps of fun, and this title should make it even more entertaining.

I'm NOT expecting to play CoD or Modern Warfare with Kinect, but it's not designed for such things.

gaminoz2719d ago

This does look like an ideal use of the tech. It should prove very popular with casuals.

XboxOZ3602719d ago

Well considering they have sold far better than MS expected, I think they are definitely onto something.

It might not appeal to the 'cough-gamers' out there, but the 10 plus million sold, selling 8 mil in just 2 months, making it into the Guinness Book Of records as the fastest selling accessory, must have something going for it for the 'average family users' - who by the way, are the ones buying the unit, NOT hardcore gamers.

It's not aimed at them, nor should it be, so get over it. Both Move and Kinect are basically aimed at 'another' type of audience . . .

Rhythmattic2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )


I know you come from good 360 stock (as in not a fanboy) And your comment rings true.

Personally , I will not buy Kinect. I prefer to have fun on the core side of the fence.

But really. what about those that have expecting what MS lead on to ?The millions that where purchased due to MS advertising/promo machine? Its the next big thing !!!! I'm guessing they're still waiting.

This isnt a dig @ 360 (I do own one) , nor you, but as for myself, I'm glad I didnt buy into the hype.

Hopefully this works out for MS, as their OS's (Win & Portable devices) lose market share to what is choice by consumer, I think they have this one right.. It maybe (in a non derogatory way) their saving grace.

To Add, Move is aimed at all audiences... That I must correct you on...

Simply, Move works already with hard core titles... Yes. People dont like it, Some people love it. The fact remains it has delivered what kinect cant.. A casual & Hardcore user base.

XboxOZ3602719d ago

@ Rhythmattic

Well said mate, and yes, agree, and also re Move, but I do see they are after a different market moreso now than before, as their internal studies have shown gamers are taking up the Move on established titles less now than before, same with the 3D ability.

I do agree that Kinect 'could' fashion themselves into some mainstream gammes, but I feel in order to get those sales up, establish a rather decent foothold, garner publisher support to make future games, they needed to get a lot of units in home first and foremost.

Otherwise, companies like Ubisoft, who lead the Kinect race for game interactivity, would not be investing so heavily in future games, as they have several in the works that may not have seen the production schedule, if the units did not sell as well as they have early on.

I suppose we need to look at it as if we owned the business. Would we spend 100's millions on getting a unit and games out to a core audience, when we know the largest % of our customers were family members, and primarily women.

I'd say we'd focus on getting as many units out there as quickly as possible, help feed established developers build games for the current user base, and furnish incentives for those developers who need to spend 2-3 yrs on a title to make it be a great AAA title - and work.

What do you think?

Rhythmattic2719d ago

Don't take this as a Sony Vs MS post… Its about the approach and method from a core gamers perspective.

Let me explain.

The Hardware
Kinect tech is fabulous, just look at what modders are dong using PC tools. not so much for gaming, but of the wall applications that it was not intentionally designed for.

The conundrum…
"Be the controller" Simply you can be, at the expense of accuracy and timing.

The Solution?
Integration with a controller and kinect makes perfect sense. There is just some things buttons/ joysticks/mouse and keyboards do better.

Remember, Sony has been down that path, games that use body motion tracking with the eyetoy… After having been there , done that, they realised motion tracking cannot replace a dualshock. Thats why they had specific eyetoy games. Sound familiar?

From my point of view, no matter how many millions MS sell, no matter how many developers get on board, it will not make the underlying concept any different.

I'm not saying there isn't a market, Obviously there is…. but when it comes to core gaming, MS need to take away the fanciness , and do what Sony have learnt from their 15 years developing motion tech.. They have learnt your body needs some hardware augmentation…

Again, Kinect, its bringing motion gaming to the casuals, and to core gamers alike.. Buts thats what it is… Motion gaming.
Thats what it does.

But as for a great AAA title in years to come ?
If your talking AAA big budget Action game, just using Kinect…. Id say no.
But with a combination of controller and kinect, i'd say yes.

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Wh15ky2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

How do you manage to get a 'well said' with 6 agrees and 7 disagrees?

Why are you trying to convince people here that Kinect is 'heaps of fun'? This is a site for gamers and the Kinect is not aimed at them, which you pointed out yourself.

I remember you from your profile pic from a while back. You were trying to convince us all that there were some really interesting titles in the pipe line that friends and colleagues of yours were very excited about. You claimed that at that time you were not allowed to give away any information on them. That was about 8 months ago, so any news yet?

theIMP2719d ago

I would guess he got a well said because he's not being a complete douche bag. You ought to try it sometime, it might work for you too.

Wh15ky2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Is that how you managed to get down to 2 bubbles?

Pot, kettle, black... maybe???

And 12 ignores.


You told me!

GusBricker2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

It'll sell, that's for sure, but I hope they delay it until they get it working smoothly.

Ryse looked really good, but the thought of playing it and being laggy makes me sad.

Fable Kinect looked pretty crappy, though.

XboxOZ3602719d ago

I've played about 7 diff Kinect games, from the fighting one from Ubi, to fitness, and simple fun one, for us, there's been no real lag to speak of actually, and in fact, where my friend has it set it, it's not an ideal situation, yet it works fine, even without the 'correct' room set up or situation.

In fact, her sister, who is totally non-technical and has zero paitence, finds the games - mainlythe fitness ones, extremely easy to play and work with.

Yet they have a Wii there, and have had one for over 18 mths, yet the Kinect gets fare more use now than The Wii.

That's your average user. I'm a solid gamer, and I've found the kinect fine actually.

DJMarty2719d ago

Looked shit, Kinect sucks

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