The Halo Bulletin: Inaugural Frankie Edition

Frankie writes:

"I’d just like to precede the inaugural 343 Halo Bulletin with a note to say that it’s very, very nice to be back, talking to Halo fans directly, after a couple of years of relative quiet. And today, you’re going to find out what we’ve been doing, with all that quiet.

Halo, E3! It’s finished!

In the first ten years of Halo, Bungie created a universe so compelling, gameplay so absorbing, controls so natural, that a phenomenon was birthed, raised, and honed into Spartan caliber. And to celebrate that decade of innovation, excitement and involvement from a community like no other, 343 Industries finds itself tasked with continuing that franchise and building upon its strong foundations."

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A7XEric2746d ago

I'm glad they finally cleared up the confusion regarding the developer of the game. Really relieved that Saber redid the graphics, since even though I'm greatly anticipating this remake, it would have been quite a setback for Halo 4's development.

thrasherv32746d ago

I just love the fact you can switch between old and new by pressing a button, on the fly, in the middle of a game. That should be an achievement in it's own right. I'm glad they're remastering it completely but it doesn't look like "Halo" to me so the old style is just right for me. AND they're re-recording the soundtrack with Skywalker Orchestra? I said M$ would fuck this up. I might be eating those words this November. Shit is looking good.

A7XEric2746d ago

I just hope the remastered audio remains, even if you're playing with the classic graphics, cuz I feel that's how I'll play most of the game XD

IQUITN4G2744d ago

The new music audio does sound just slightly different from what iv'e heard and that's a big shame. Not sure why they honestly needed to remaster perfection

HK62744d ago

Flood Firefight map? I think I am in love.

Psychonaughty2744d ago

Yeah I really missed Frankie in the Bungie weekly updates and podcasts (he was the best part about them) and I wondered why he hadn't done the same for 343 studios, so welcome back Frankie, rule Brittania!