E3 2011 live stream replays for Sony, Microsoft and EA

Product-Reviews writes: Did you miss the chance to watch E3 2011 live? Don’t worry if you did because we have some links for you now, giving you the chance to watch live replay streams from E3 2011 for Sony, Microsoft and also EA if you missed that too.

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tr00p3r2718d ago

I think Sony and Microsoft's E3 pressers were ok, but they didn't really show anything that made you jump out of your seat' so to speak.

With this in mind, I think Nintendo has a great opportunity to steal the show with their E3 keynote.. can't wait to see what the Wii 2 will bring to the industry.

dangert2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

going to watch ms again funniest thing ive seen in ages

kinect sports football gameplay,xbox pad disconnecting,kinect disneyland, forza 4 ground breaker features they did't show us,them annoucing youtube like there not late to the part them showing of there search fuction fable the journey XD bing...the list goes on

tr00p3r2718d ago

Which part Dangert? :o

GoldPS32718d ago

I don't want to watch MS again. I can't stand any more of it.

dangert2718d ago

they actually brought tears to my eyes =')