Rare's Kinect skills have "increased tenfold"

In an interview with OXM UK, Rare's Creative Director, George Andreas, has said that the firm's understanding of Kinect has "increased tenfold" in the last year.

Check out the story below for the full quote.

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badjournalism2749d ago

How about some real games, Rare? Oh, that's right. MS doesn't let you make those anymore.

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mcstorm2749d ago

Rare and Ubisoft showed some good uses for kinect and it has added to the games.

dangert2749d ago

what ubisoft had shown use is possible on the ps3 with the ps eye just up to them to implement it

mcstorm2749d ago

That maybe true but they would need to used move and pseye to do it as the ps eye on its own has too many faults with lighting. Plus they wanted to show that you can use kinect on its own for core games and that's what it did.

dangert2749d ago

have you not played kung fu live on ps3 the ps eye don't see to have trouble to me and pulls of all the specials perfectly

mcstorm2749d ago

dangert so your telling me if you play Kung Fu Live in a dark room that the PS eye picks you up with out any problems? If true why do games like eye pet ect not work well when the light is too bright or too dark?

Im not saying pseye is useless but as a cam on its own Kinect is the better device pseye needs move to work right as it can track the balls in most light.

beast242tru2749d ago

actually it was posible on ps eye 4 years ago but they never implimented it also the mass effect thing and the star wars kinect

SilentNegotiator2748d ago

"some good uses for kinect and it has added to the games"

What? The voice control that any microphone could do or the weapon customization menu that would be a lot quicker to just press the d-pad?

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dangert2749d ago

but kinec don't work well in dark rooms iver its pretty clear ms tell you to keep it in brighter areas

mcstorm2748d ago

Kinect does work in dark room and very well as we have played dance Central kinect sports and vt4 in my front room with just tv light. If there room is far too bright then kinect has had a problem but my old place was Sun facing and way to bright even to see the tv but that's the only problem I've ever had with it.

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Skynetone2749d ago

the firm's understanding of Kinect has "increased tenfold" in the last year.

i had it figured out in ten minutes

maybe its time to take rare of life support, they have been dead for the last number of years

PandemicPrawn02749d ago

I'm really looking forward to reading some hands on preveiws for Kinect Sports 2.

All I ever wanted from Kinect was a fun golf game (that works) and a great RTS(that also works). Hopfully Rare have deliverd with this.

Now, whos developing my RTS?

manuro2749d ago

it's not being developed by Rare, Big Park is doing it instead

Bigpappy2748d ago

Ill tell you what. Rare is deffinately ahead of everyone else when it comes to Kinect. I am excited to see how the new sports package responds. Most anticipated are: Tennis; Football; Golf; Baseball. I know they will work but I want to see how rare approached the game play.

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