PlayStation Vita UK Price: Expect £235

CVG: "Sony has told CVG that an official announcement of the PlayStation Vita UK price will be made "later in the year".

However, a source close to the company was very confident that a UK RRP of "somewhere close to £235" was in the offing for the WiFi SKU, speaking earlier this evening in L.A."

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Optical_Matrix2718d ago

It's below £299.99 which is good enough for me. I was willing to pay more but Sony got the golden price point right here. Considering my 3DS cost me £199.99 (Luckily since the RRP was actually £249.99 if I remember correctly)

farhad2k82718d ago

I'm happy with the pricing, as it didn't exceed £300 which would have been a big worry.
But I'm a little disappointed, as the American 3G model is $300, but our one is £280?
£280 converted in to dollars is $460 =|

They won't sell enough of this thing in the UK unless the 3G version is the same price as the PS3 or less. That's a fact.

Optical_Matrix2718d ago

We have all those taxes remember. The same thing happens with all technology. If I had bought the 3DS in America I would have only paid the equivalent of about £130-160 I think. Sucks hard, but we'll see what happens. Shopto is always reliable. They slashed a good £30 off of the 3DS' RRP pre-launch

DJMarty2718d ago

Nothing sells at full RRP, so expect it to be lower at online retailers.