GameSpot- PlayStation Vita: First Hands-On Video

GameSpot: "We get a look at Sony's newly named PlayStation Vita in action in our first ever video hands-on with the system."

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GunofthePatriots2695d ago

You cant play online with 3g (obviously). Definitely not getting the 3g version

Spitfire_Riggz2695d ago

What??? 3g lets you play online at all times anywhere (thats the idea not with att's 3g though)

Wifi will let you play online when you can connect to wifi obviously. Big difference

NewMonday2695d ago

next year maybe it will have 4G(is it good for 8 player multiplayer?). i hop it will be upgradeble

Spitfire_Riggz2695d ago

Wait sorry gunofthepatriots. I just watched the whole video. At the very end the guy says that 3g cannot handle 8 player multiplayer matches.

He says wifi is preffered. Wow...

NellyNel_7_1_32695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Never mind Spitfire_Riggz answer my question..

Wifi all the way! Question about the PSV version of Rune... If 3G is not going to be use for online gaming (8 players or more) then, how are we going to get online and defend our castle or whatever? With wifi you need a access point to connect but 3G you dont.

SpLinT2695d ago

you drive to your nearest starbucks

chewmystink2695d ago

I'll be getting the 3G version for sure, it's worth only little bit more.
I disagree over 3G I've played before and it's carrier dependent on how good the results are, location etc etc. At least let us decide whether or not it uses 3G or wifi as connectivity.
Anyhow, just use your smart phone as the wifi hot spot is the easy answer here.
You get to use your same plan as phone and instead of using data on useless app store type crap you could put it towards your vita.

Pro_Nasty2695d ago

those someone know if we have to pay a monthly fee for 3g?