Kinect Steals Day One of E3

Gaming Irresponsibly's Ryan Hillis talks about how Kinect took E3 by storm and what you can expect from the Xbox Kinect this year.

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Dramscus2724d ago

249.99 (& 299.99) psvita steals e3 more like.

M-Easy2724d ago

I'm pretty sure this is a joke article. Every report I've read have said the exact opposite of this. And even from pro KinectBox sites.

MintBerryCrunch2724d ago

more like Kinect stole the 360's conference from all the viewers

Tank_Commander_E62724d ago

Holy sh*t. Are they serious? lulz

2724d ago
gta28002723d ago

I love this article. The title provided some good lulz. Thanks lol.

SilentNegotiator2723d ago

Kinect was all voice control (As if a cheap microphone couldn't do that) and on-rails games (exciting).

They managed to completely destroy Fable and make for a waggle-fest of a Star Wars game.

It "stole" Microsoft's E3 conference, that's for sure. It was 90% of the show.

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TBM2724d ago

it stole time that i can never get back watching that crap on my tv yesterday.

they took all that time yesterday to shove the shovelware crap down our throats. i wanted to rake out my eyes watching that crap.

aia122724d ago

ill be getting ngp. hope it destroys nintendo 3ds because if you haven't noticed they are worse than Microsoft they've been recycling the same sh*t since NES lol they've milked metroid, zelda and mario more than Microsoft has milked halo, fable and forza and its the TRUTH. i hate Nintendo and Microsoft is beginning to piss me off. they have the money so why don't they just buy as many 3rd party studios as they can afford to make exclusives ?

CDbiggen2723d ago

But if people still enjoy and want those franchises then what's the problem?

a_bro2724d ago

"Kinect Steals Day One of E3" LMAO what a sheep

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topekomsi2724d ago

PSVITA most def stole today, the only thing to keep sony from takin the show, would be a wii-wii in the morn.

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The story is too old to be commented.

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