[GAMINGtruth] inFamous 2 Review

Check out this review of inFamous 2 and see what Sucker Punch will be hitting you with next for this sequel.

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GOODKyle2724d ago

The game is deserving of at least a 9.5! (For those N4G idiots who'll criticize my availability to inFAMOUS 2, I've already achieved the platinum trophy in Cole's latest adventure).

Mykky2724d ago

Can't wait to get this! 8,5/10 is a score close to amazing so it will probably be a lot of fun! I was hoping for 10/10s but I'm sure the game itself wont disappoint anyway.

LOGICWINS2724d ago

Why does it matter whether or not other people decide to give the game a "10/10"? Your the one who will be playing the game no? Therefore, the only opinion that should matter is yours.

Mykky2724d ago

Thats how it should be indeed, but that is not how it is. When a game you love is getting praised by the critics you feel like it is truly a amazing game. But if the a game you love is getting a bad scores and people say it sucks, you don't feel quite as happy with the game as you did when it had perfect scores. It's what makes us human. (8,5 is not a bad score btw)

Pintheshadows2724d ago

Agent 6/10 How does it feel LOGIC, how does it feel?

ahem. Got it today so i'm enjoying it today.

LOGICWINS2724d ago

^^Umm..I wouldn't care if it got a 3/10 from someone. Still buying it.