PS3 System Software Update (v3.65)

Earlier tonight we released an optional system software update (v3.65) for PlayStation 3. This new firmware improves the operating stability of some PS3 format software, and changes the XMB item SaveData Utility (minis) to [SaveData Utility(minis/PSP)].

Again, this update is optional, and can be downloaded by selecting System Update from the Setting column of the XMB.

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SilentNegotiator2748d ago

Optional update? What the.....

Joni-Ice2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Yes Optional. Read the article for details. My PS3 should update automatically.

Lazyeye792748d ago

Its only optional if you don't want to sign in.
If you want to play online then you have to update.

Nitrowolf22747d ago


Um Its OPTIONAL I'm Still playing online, even after turning my console on then Back on.

Now we wait for the
"PS3 FW 3.65 bricked me" article

nopunctuation2748d ago

Optional my ass. I had to download that in order sign into psn. Id call that mandatory.

b_one2747d ago

BS... i didnt had to update anything to sig in

Nitrowolf22747d ago

I didn't have to get it. My AutoDownload downloaded it but didn't install it yet and i'm online with previous FW.

ThanatosDMC2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

So random... i was wanting to play Infamous 2 immediately after coming back from Gamestop.

edit: There's a 1.01 update for Infamous 2 and it restarts your PS3??? wtf?

edit: It installs a 107mb "Infamous 2 Additional Content" and then restarts the PS3 again. This is after the 1.01 patch's restart.

kitt21122748d ago

i hope this fixes the la noire problems. i had the work ps3 break while i was playing and my home systems fan went into over drive blowing dust out of it. like it caught on fire.

Joni-Ice2748d ago

Dude read the article, it will tell you what the changes are. Has NOTHING to do with LA Noire.

PirosThe4th2748d ago

didn't happen to me on my slim... if it sa fat then its time for you to change cooling paste before it goes ylod...

kitt21122747d ago

Hey DUDE! i did read the very small article and maybe you can explain to me what "operating stability of some PS3 format software" means ? Do you really think sony would come out and say well this fixes the problems some of you have had with la noir, Opp's sorry for any damages that may have occurred. i called sony and they denied any responsibility and said there's no proof on what caused the problems. Is La noir not a ps3 formated software?

And @ PirosThe4th the ps3 at my work is a 60gb, the laser went not the mother board , my home ps3 is a metal gear gun gray 40gb, and it's still working fine, thank god.

KillaManiac2748d ago

Says it improves operational stability of some PS3 software.

If a random update can possibly improve performance how can you not be happy about that?

rdgneoz32748d ago

Some will be unhappy that they have to download an update for a few minutes, even though it may help improve operating stability.

Omar912748d ago

im hoping that since they revealed xmb for psvita, that they implement xmb somehow to the ps3.

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