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Ninver2628d ago

nice looking forward to seeing gameplay.

The Matrix2627d ago

Well that was the opposite of a silent assassination...

Hellsvacancy2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

I thought the same, he might aswell of gone in with a tank

Im just happy Hitmans back

Edit: Thinkin bout it, that bitch screwed him over, id be furious, and id show it

bauer0072627d ago

in the trailers for every hitman game they show action gameplay! its more interesting to an audience, just youtube blood money trailers to see it! the previews up show silent assassin is still there. Oh and he doesnt kill her, you do remember she was the one that awoke him right? :L

chriski3332627d ago

cool shall be watchin this game

Rikan2627d ago

The girl showering sounded like Diana; wonder if 47 is tasked/forced to deal with her? Now, where is my N4G stalker gaydom_ballsack....*whistles* Here boy!! *whistles*

jeeves862627d ago

Definitely Diana. With the way Blood Money ended though, should be interesting as to how this plays out.

Rikan2627d ago

Yeah, I've have always enjoyed these games. I hope they keep the brutal difficulty!

TheCrazyMerc2627d ago

I watched it cause i saw a girl naked. o.0

chanmasta2627d ago

Then you sir, need a girlfriend.

digitalivan2627d ago

And you need a boyfriend?

chanmasta2627d ago

No, my girlfriend is incredible, thanks.

ShadyDevil2627d ago

47 Kills Diana...theres Absolution for you. Amazing.

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