Gears of War Limited Edition Xbox 360

Sure, you've seen the footage on Gears of War 3, but without an Xbox 360, how are you going to gunsaw dudebeasts in half? Well, with a limited edition branded console, of course! Epic and Microsoft are teaming up to offer not only a special console bundle pack, but also custom, individual controllers -- both of which will be accompanied by download tokens for in-game content.

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Max_Dissatisfaction2750d ago

Yikes!! Yeah, I don't know...a bit too red for my liking

GunofthePatriots2750d ago

it looks cool and then it dont. i think it's the over abundance of red as you said.

SovereignSnaKe2750d ago

i love red, but i think the power button should be black or something, lest we forget the RE:5 360, man, looking back at that thing.. .ugh... i can't believe at one time i wanted it... O_O

gamingdroid2750d ago

F yeah!!!

I'm getting one. Good thing I traded in my old Xbox 360 (I'm actually Xbox 360'less right now) for $150+ a pop.

NoobJobz2750d ago

I think it looks pretty badass. But will I get it? Actually I might. Two controllers, all that DLC, 320 GB Hard drive for $399? Sure. Why not?

turnerdc2750d ago

Looks like it might be time to replace the good ole elite.

ECM0NEY2750d ago

damn it now i have to trade in my Reach console

guigsy2750d ago

The Reach version looks nicer than this for me.

ScubaSteve12750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

wonder for less then that i could get someone to spray paint it

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