Review: Sony's E3 Press Conference

TitanReviews writes: Sony had a lot to make up for, so did they deliver this year or was the effort not quite up to par?

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JAMurida2722d ago

My main question for the NGP, Vista, whatever you want to call it, is will it support all of the PSP 1 titles?

Dirty J2722d ago

all psp games that are downloadable on PSN store.

MasterCornholio2722d ago

yey thank you for telling me that

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

I know Uncharted 3, Resistance 3 and the other PS3 Games were awesome stuff.

But Dust 514 takes the cake for the major annoucement for PS3, if you played EVE Online and read the details about combine the Universe of EVE for an MMO and FPS MMO on PS3 is a jaw Dropping annoucement, and 1st Attempt in the history of Videogames.

And NO ONE was expecting to be Exclusive for PS3. Also it will have compatibility with PS Move and PS Vita.

Disccordia2722d ago

Dust 514 was an interesting announcement but I feel rather disappointed by Sony this year. When that and Sly Cooper are your big announcements then you know it might be a dry year for the console.

And just to clarify; I do not for one second think either of the above games are bad, I actually think both will end up being good but I was expecting some big hitters. Something like Versus 13, something from Kojima, GTA5/Agent or something... more from Sony themselves.

I mean, they have all these studios but half of them seem to be sitting on their asses doing nothing.

On reflection, I am surprised why they decided to release Starhawk information beforehand.

BTW, despite this, I think it was still better than what MS showed but ultimately, this year looks like it might belongs to Nintendo.

R0me2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

After E3 there is still a second round: Gamescom for Europeans. Sony has to show something there too. Like many others said before, it seemed they are holding back. Maybe because they know that Nintendo will get the most attention.

MoDyDo2722d ago

Yea and they said the PSV will upscale psp games you're playing on it and you can use the second analog, they made it possible through an emulator in the PSV, that's what sony said

NateCole2722d ago

I'll giver it a B. 7/10. Not great but not bad either.

alien6262722d ago

since when 7 stand for a B? that i know 7 is a C but then again likeRapture said idiots in here

NateCole2722d ago

Alien your an idiot.

9/10 = A+
8/10 = A
7.5/10 = B+
7/10 = B
6/10 = C+
5/10 = C

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