GamePro: The Good and Bad of E3 Day 0

GamePro: "The first day of E3 brought us four press conferences, and they all had their moments. Well, most of them anyway.

Microsoft was pushing Kinect; Sony had the Vita; EA showed off Battlefield 3 and Ubisoft had a guy who cracked a stunning number of bad jokes. And between "Fist Bump!" and "Good job, Jeremy," we already have two new memes. Not bad for the first day of E3 2011.

Here's a quick compilation of the good (and bad) of the first full day of E3, and my thoughts on some of the biggest announcements so far."

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darthv722696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

halo 4, ps vita

The bad: att

the ugly: gamers not hearing what they wanted to hear and ranting like crazy.

nopunctuation2696d ago

Good:NGP Uncharted 3 499.99 3DTV
Bad:Kinect Kinect Kinect

turnerdc2696d ago

The 499.99 3DTV is only good if you're interested in a 24 inch 3DTV. Hell you can buy a 50 inch non 3D for 550.

warrior99882696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

wheres the ugly
the good PSV + games great price BF3
the bad kinect games
the ugly is people saying PSV is over priced

gta28002696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

The Good:PSV
The Bad:Not enough PSV.
The Ugly:The pants I had to change after PSV price announcement.

Max_Dissatisfaction2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

The good: playstation tv,
halo 4 and anniversary, ngp price, Dust, new 360 dash features, Uncharted 3 footage, Tomb Raider footage, NGP Ruin cloud, Ghost Recon + kinect features. NGP Price (it is that good)
The bad: Kinect ruining Ryse and Fable The Journey, useless Kinect Mass Effect integration. Kinect pretty much.
You saw that guy in the trailer right? Did he look like he was having a good time? Did you want to be that guy? No and no.
Being a kinect game doesn't ruin it, being a kinect only game ruins it, esp since it had the potential to be epic. :(

turnerdc2696d ago

I dunno, I'm still very intrigued by Ryse. I think it's a little to early to write it off as we really haven't seen to much about it. Just because it's a Kinect game doesn't mean it automatically sucks.

zero_gamer2696d ago

The price is lower than I expected. The entry version is the same price as the 3DS.

Nintendo really needs to lower the price at the presence of a competitor handheld that renders the 3DS raw processing power a utter joke. With that said I love my 3DS and will love the PSV.