GameSpot- Microsoft E3 2011 Press Conference Report Card

GameSpot: "The Microsoft press conference started with a bang. Modern Warfare 3 is obviously a huge game, and Tomb Raider looks great, but ultimately, the focus on the Kinect made the Xbox 360 seem like a one-note platform, overshadowing these games as well as additional announcements for YouTube, UFC content, and a new Xbox dashboard. Even the excellent Halo 4 trailer at the end of the presentation left us wondering what that game's inevitable Kinect support will be like.

It wasn't as bad as some of E3's more infamous press conferences of years past, but Microsoft's press conference gave us nothing memorable, so which is worse?"

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Lou-Cipher2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )


That is extremely generous.

It was the worst Microsoft conference ever shown. Not only did they not show any new games, (For the Core) but they ruined a few of their decent franchises by turning them into On Rails Kinect Garbage.

It was downright embarrassing for 360 Core gamers today.

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darthv722724d ago

i think people got it twisted. MS came out and showed off what they intended. Not what the gamers wanted so they are being chastised for that.

We are spoiled by e3's past and our personal hype and expectations only set us up for fail if it isnt what we want to hear. Go figure. MS really only has the platform. All the games come from other companies with a few notable exceptions.

They dont have the studios like sony and yet they are being compared to sony as if they did. Just being realistic here. Im not so impressed with what ms showed as much as i am with the potential they displayed with expanding the system of both 360 and kinect.

Its up to others to take what they saw and run with it. Like ms has done with windows. It is just the backbone and relies more on the quality of others.

Lou-Cipher2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

Microsoft is obligated to the Core Gamers first, and then the Casual's second. MS sold us the dream of Core games through 40 Million Consoles before Kinect was even being sold in stores.

Abandoning their Core users for the Wii crowd is complete BS, and they should absolutely be criticized for it.

If they dont have the Studios or the Talent to support both the Casuals and the Core gamer, then dont waste everyone's time trying to do both.

beastgamer2724d ago

Sony B+
Nintendo A just for having next gen automatically.
PS4 Tokyo

looza2724d ago

Nintendo is in a very good position right now to outdo Sony with their new console. But to do it they have to really have some cool playable games on stage to make it a done deal. But what would be amazing is if they go below Microsoft. I mean that a challenge this year. Maybe that why Microsoft starts first so they don't have to be nervous about outdoing others.

ABizzel12723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Sony was a pure A. Everything in their conference was demoed perfectly, and even the 1 or 2 games that didn't look like much had a very valid reason for being there, The PSV to PS3 playable game (not wipeout was the least exciting game, but to instant cloud connectivity shows why it was there).

Their apology for PSN seemed truly sincere, and it should be that's a lot of money everyone missed out on.

The PS3 exclusvies showed just how much more the PS3 has left in it, because they were easily top 5 games graphics-wise shown so far (Battlefield and FarCry 3 being in the running as well).

PSV/PSP2/NGP was a utter success, every game demo was perfect, and the price points were lower than most expected, which pleased everyone.

A couple of New IP's being announced. Move was shown off in a truly impressive way (this show actually made me want to think twice about buying Move).

Montages were kept to an all time low, 2 or 3 by my count.

Charts and graphs were practically gone.

Kobe Bryant was definitely the biggest celebrity to appear on any stage.

Uncharted 3 demo was incredible. And everyone will have access to the multiplayer game demo which is the full retail version of U3's multiplayer.

PSV launches this holiday.

Sly 4

Resistance 3DTV bundle. Resistance Move bundle.

All the PS exclusive content from 3rd party games.

Bioshock PSV.

I mean how on earth can you give all of that a B+. That was a perfect show. There were no awkward moments, jokes were sparse, but the ones that were told were actually funny. The only complaint that could possibly be taken from Sony's conference was AT&T exclusive PSV 3G provider, and some of the developers were out of breath from just walking up to the stage.

MS: C+

Focus was on how they can try to get every 360 owner to buy connect, and while some of the stuff was neat, nothing really made me say I might want to buy Kinect (Ryse might). They showed some really good stuff outside of the Kinect fiasco, but the problem is most of it were 3rd party games that are also coming to the PS3. We saw gameplay of Gears 3 last E3 and played the beta, we saw gameplay of Forza 4 last E3, the Halo HD remake rumor had been flying around for almost a year, Fable seemed more casual but it looked good, and Halo 4 would have made a greater impact if it was a longer trailer (2012 release means it's more than likely an Xbox 720 game or the last game for the 360).

Sony: A

There was nothing they could have done better besides announce a PS3 price drop (which would take away from the PSV price point, expect it March of 2012). They couls have announced a PS4 (which isn't happening this year or next). Or they could have shown more exclusive games, but why. They still have Leipzig and TGS.

Sony and EA did good, Microsoft and Ubisoft were underwhelming.

beast242tru2724d ago

D- Nothing that i was too much intrested in

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femshep2724d ago

id say B- a lot of things they didn't need in there like ufc and youtube....and a little bit more explanation on the live tv but other wise it was good

silkrevolver2724d ago

For me:
MS got a C
Sony got a B+ (They just lacked that ONE big game... and The Last Guardian.)
My hype for Nintendo’s is an A right now. Let’s just hope they don’t let us down (again.)

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dgroundwater2724d ago

Agreed. MS was mediocre and Sony's was decent. Nintendo on the other hand promises the world to me and should be killer. An A caliber conference incoming :)

silkrevolver2724d ago

My biggest wish is a Super Smash Bros... and online/3rd party support.

golsilva2724d ago

im thinking sony gets at least a solid B. If they had one more ps3 exclusive game announced it would get bumped up like new quantic dream game, gow4. still the announcement of sly 4 and dust 514 was pretty good and the psv was definitely the star of the show. the price of the system was great, carrier was meh (i say meh because the iphone was extremely successful even though it was at&t only so its not as bad as we think, bioshock on ngp was a great surprise along with street fighter. I think for the psv to have a great launch, they need at least one more marquee title whether 3rd or 1rst party to go along with uncharted. something popular like gta,or cod.

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