PS Vita exclusive on AT&T: Sony could be making a huge mistake

Product-Reviews writes: Sony has just announced official prices for their upcoming PS Vita handheld, formerly known as the NGP. However, one huge announcement was the fact that the 3G model is going to be exclusive to AT&T, and the news was met with considerable tension amongst the shocked audience.

This is definitely a shocker, as nobody expected AT&T to emerge as the exclusive carrier for one of the most sought after products of 2011. If you tuned in to the event live, you will have watched the audience react with ironic jeers and laughter, seemingly suggesting to Sony ‘Are you kidding me?’

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tr00p3r2745d ago

Verizon gets the Xperia Play..AT&T gets the Vita as a full on exclusive..hope you know what you're doing Sony!

ATiElite2745d ago

As soon as they announced PSVita Exclusive to AT&T you could hear the crowd grumbling, booing, and hissing as they were obviously upset with that choice.

But if they would of made it CDMA (Verizon) it would cost $50 more or higher.

darthv722745d ago

is it mandatory to get the data plan when buying the 3g model? It shouldnt be but if sony pushes it like apple did with the iphone then i wont be getting the complete unit.

I hate settling for less. I didnt with the ps3 when it came out. I wont with the vita.

well....maybe i could make this one sacrifice.

Reibooi2745d ago

Yeah this in my opinion is the ONLY bad thing surrounding the PSVita. Everything else about it is solid. It's got a metric crap ton of tech in it and still is really cheap and has what is looking like a great line up.

Who knows why they chose AT&T. Keeping the price low could very well be the reason. It doesn't really affect me all that much considering I plan on picking up the Wifi only version as I would do my downloading at home and don't plan to do much Multi player.

inveni02745d ago

I was actually hoping that they would use AT&T for Vita, because in my part of the country, AT&T has the best everything. However, I understand why other people think AT&T is a joke, because when we vacationed up to Rhode Island/Connecticut last summer, the 3G was Fail City. I promised myself I wouldn't move until my AT&T contract was up.

aceitman2745d ago

at&t and t-mobile merge will b complete at the beginning of 2012 making it he largest cell phone company in the usa . i think it is a smart move . hell i might get it at a discount to renew my contract.

turnerdc2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

That's if the merger makes it pass the FCC. Nothings for sure just yet as the FCC is still deciding and the merger can still be shot down. Not only that but they face stiff competition from Sprint as Sprint has already filed to block the merger. Personally I hope the FCC sees the "monopolizing" factor behind it and voids the merger as I am a T-Mobile customer and do not want any part of AT&T.

SilentNegotiator2745d ago

You can't blame them for choosing the biggest provider, but it would certainly be nice if we had more options.

gta28002745d ago

There wasn't really a "good" choice with carrier decision. If they went with Verizon you'd get moans and boo's from T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint users, etc. If they went with get the picture. I guess they just went with which ever carrier had the most subscribers and that's a gamble that will either pay off or might not, were going to have to wait and see. As for me personally, all I can say is that I'm getting PSV day one and I will be getting the 3G version, so AT&T can warm me up a seat cause I'll be taking a ride.

Cueil2744d ago

it's more to do with the technology behind ATT than ATT most of the world is using GSM... hardly anyone uses crappy CDMA

MRHARDON2745d ago

AT&T is the worst cell phone company out there, there service is horrible....Verizon is where it is at!

dragon822745d ago

It all depends on where you live. AT&T has the best service around here. I am sure they all have their good and bad areas.

MRHARDON2745d ago

Well, it depends, I talk to my friend who has AT&T and I have 4 bars and my calls still get dropped, so it has to do with my AT&T service in there area, but its AT&Ts fault for buying out Alltell...when it was Altell, no dropped calls...ever since Altell moved over to AT&T, I been getting dropped calls left and right!

lil Titan2745d ago

with the T-Mobile merger things should be okay at least i hope so

mimbly2745d ago

Im wondering if we could just buy the wifi model and then tether it to our phone if you aren't near a hot spot

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rogimusprime2745d ago

the response was pretty bad there, but it wasn't like they YELLED boo's.... just a bunch of groans. There are downsides to any network out there. What if he said sprint? Would that be "cool"? It's a business, risk comes with the territory. People always hate until the $hit takes off and is successful. There are a lot of people on ATT, like it or not.

golsilva2745d ago

is this due to verizon requiring cdma so its easier for global launch with gsm like at&t and t-mobile have?

a_bro2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

GSM is used world wide. if sony were to do cdma, that would be a 3rd sku. thats just way too much.

theres also another reason. AT&T, even if they are a crappy company, provides the fastest 3G in the country.

looza2744d ago

but it funny cuz even though gsm is more widely use, japan uses cdma.

RegalPrince2745d ago

The price sure wasn't a mistake.

ct032745d ago

Probably also one of the reasons for an exclusivity deal. They have to make some of the money back they lose to this pricing.

Surfaced2745d ago

The audience reaction was quite telling. Kaz heard it, so at least he knows how people feel about this.

AT&T has always been my carrier, though. Any Verizon customers want to tell me what I'm missing? I've been thinking of switching but I don't have any good reasons yet, aside from everyone saying AT&T sucks.

ATiElite2745d ago

They are the same if you ask me. Two money grubbing companies but at least Verizon has good customer service.

ATT has been known to throttle down the speed of your service during peek hours while Verizon does everything it can to hit you with overage fees.

Sprint is OK but it's only a matter of time before they get bought as Verizon and ATT dominate the Cell Phone industry in America.

Serjikal_Strike2745d ago

Sprint would of been a better choice than AT&T

oneDMAC2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

I have been with Verizon for almost 6 years and have never seen anything remotely close to an overage fee.

Edit: Besides that is only for the 3G model. Who honestly wants to play a game on an outdated service like 3G? Wifi is the route I think I will take.

tr00p3r2745d ago

You've got a point actually oneDMAC...there are WiFi hotspots all over the place these there really a need for 3G data on AT&T?

SMS messaging and video chat will be cool of course, but it's all about gaming and WiFi is good enough for most!

trikster402745d ago

I know for me, 3G would be nice at work :) They block almost all websites so we dont spend time on the internet and there is not wifi, so having 3G means I could play and surf the web at work.

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Cueil2744d ago

you'll get a company that's just as crappy only you'll lose phone functionality with they anciant 3G service... unless they have LTE where you live forget it