Microsoft at E3 2011: In a Word, Underwhelming

Microsoft held their press conference earlier today touting innovation and excellence. But did the substance match up to their style?

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ATiElite2748d ago

Lets face it.
M$ only cares about selling Hardware at this point and collecting Licensing fees off of Kinect/360 games.

maximum gain minimum effort and that's why Microsoft is a wealthy company. I'm sure they have a Xbox 720 in the works so let the kiddies buy Kinect stuff while Devs get Core games ready for the 720.

Well for the sake of gaming I'm hoping that's what is going on.

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just_looken2748d ago

so fn true about minimum effort there last 2 0s's have been re skin's of vista and the xbox has such old tech if they are working on 720 lets hope it wont have a 80% failure rate.

SuperLupe2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Well I think its pretty obvious that 6 years after its launch the 360 and more so with Kinect has become a cash cow for MS. They wont be bothering with trying to cater to core gamers anymore. They already got them in a bag between through out 2005-2010.

Now all the focus is expanding their market share and abandoning their core user base in the process.

I think and hope that theres one of the reasons the have almost completely abandoned the 360 when it comes to exclusives is that they are working hard on games for the 720.

Anyways, who would have believed it back in 2007 for instance...the 360 is the new Wii, unfortunatly for core gamers, "fortunatly" for MS.

lelo2play2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Both Microsoft and Sony conferences were underwhelming.

Microsoft conference was more or less what i expected (had low expectation)
- some exclusives (halo hd, halo 4 and gears 3)
- lot of support for Kinect.

Sony conference i expected a lot more (had high expectation)
- where are the PS3 exclusive games? Only interesting games were uncharted, resistance and starhawk
- PS Vita is quite interesting with a good price but very few interesting games (uncharted, new rpg, lbp and bioshock).

palaeomerus2748d ago

The 'response to MS show' last ear was 10+ million kinect sales in about three months. Trust me they don't care in the least how you respond, nor do their shareholders.

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jozzah2748d ago

I was absolutely ecstatic for halo ce remake and 4 but seriously the rest was just kinect crap. (besides minecraft)

green2748d ago

Halo CE, Forza 4, Mass effect 3, Ghost Recon and Gears 3 were all great. Fable and the rest of their offerings were IMO boring.

Halo 4 announcement was cool but in all honesty i was praying that they will announce a new IP and they did not.

This E3 IMO has been one of the worst e3's i have watched and that is including Sony. NGP is great but i am not a hand-held gamer so all the NGP news i really did not care about.

I just pray that Nintendo's project Cafe's rumored specs are real and it comes out with some real hardcore offerings. because if this is all that Microsoft and SOny have to offer this gen, then i am ready to move on to the next gen.

r1sh122748d ago


Jack tretton said the ps3 is powered by PSN, but its the other way around.
MS keep focusing on kinect, with only a few mentions of other games.
I mean I really wanted to hear more announcements.

SuperLupe2748d ago

Yep, very boring E3, luckily Nintendo are revealing their new console. Hope they get back to catering to the hardcore AND casuals rather than just the casuals. MS got that on lock anyway.

VampiricDragon2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

wasnt this expected from since last E3?

Why people are shocked now

Sony lit the bomb

And nintendo will ignite the building

same as last year

The Meerkat2748d ago

I was more exited when I went to the marketplace and found new trailers for Trails Evolution and The Darkness 2.

Forza 4 and Gears 3 looked amazing, but we already knew about those.

Being Scottish I also laughed at the Glesga Kiss in Ryse.

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