E3 2011: What Sony did wrong during their press conference

A lot is expected of Sony, especially after the recent PlayStation Network outage and I don’t think they delivered on that expectation. This is what Sony did wrong during their E3 press conference

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zeeshan8102723d ago

they didn't reveal any major game for PS3.

maxcavsm2723d ago

HAhahahaha. THis was what I was getting ready to comment on! Well said, sir.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2723d ago

Yea thats pretty much it though. I was expecting some Agent footage or trailer. I was hoping for Heavenly Sword 2 but not really expecting it. Agent, New Syphon Filter and whatever Quantic Dreams got wouldve sealed it.

Ah well it was better than MS's. Nintendo's last for a change. Cafe just might give them the best of show award.

sikbeta2723d ago

Exactly what I think, I'm not saying they did wrong, but I was expecting more PS3 games, the way I see it, they wanted to focus more on the PSV for this E3 and there is anything wrong with that.

Simon_Brezhnev2723d ago

I give Sony a B and Microsoft a F.

LOGICWINS2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

^^I think Sony deserves at LEAST a B+, I give them an A-.

They didn't do anything "wrong" except for not showing Agent gameplay.

However, I was hoping for:

GTA HD Collection
Jak and Daxter HD Collection
Left 4 Dead 3 announcement with PS3 exclusive content
Playstation Home improvements
New features for PSN
XMB Revamp
Syphon Filter
Cross Game Chat
Bungie making an appearance at PS3s press conference
Cliff announcing that Gears will be on the PS3
Dead or Alive 5
Resident Evil sequal
DMC sequel

Christopher2723d ago

I'm getting the feeling that LOGICWINS really wants to see some Agent news :-P

LOGICWINS2723d ago

^^I can't lie...I likes the Agent =D

Lykon2723d ago

sonys show was good, but really this was their last chance to keep any hope of agent looks like RIP agent...the best game that was never made :(

Redlogic2723d ago


Agent is still in development, they were talking about it on the GiantBombcast.

PureDarkness2722d ago

You do realise i they did that it would have been pretty much be the best press conference ever? Announcing the 360's two biggest developers moving over on top of all that other stuff? Aiming a bit high I think :P

Lykon2722d ago

@ redlogic that is the best bit of gaming news i've heard in a long time bubbles x

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FlipDock2723d ago

They really could've shown better Uncharted gameplay

trancefreak2723d ago

I agree uncharted 2 showed some intense action scenes such as being chased by a truck. Then being surrounded by mercs and so on.

Christopher2723d ago

I thought the gameplay was fine. It's just that it's so hard to surprise people after their previous demos and after Uncharted 2. It would have given away the biggest moment in the game if they had demoed the plane scene, IMHO.

ASTAROTH2723d ago

They obiously dont want to spoil the best. In the second video I saw Drake riding a horse and that looked pretty awesome. Also The part they demo was technically amazing with all the water and the way the ship flip...that was really something.

Another "excuse" for them to not showing more was that they want Uncharted on the VITA to looks as good as the console version. To me if they showed more of Uncharted they may have overshadow the PSVITA Uncharted and stealed their thunder. Just my humble opinion.

rabidpancakeburglar2723d ago

Opinion piece or not this is just too nit picky, the things being complained about shouldn't be getting complained about.

Redlogic2723d ago

Yea, for real. Like the name PS on said on their article..who cares what the name is, the Wii is killing it this generation and it's named the Wii.

Skip_Bayless2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Sony didn't do anything wrong. They filled in as much content as they could and stayed professional about it. Any knucklehead can play 30 minutes of Uncharted 3, 30 minutes of Last Guardian, and 30 minutes of Agent. It's a press conference, not a demo station. You can tell Sony had too many things to say in the 90 minutes and they had to rush it. Only one thing they messed up on is they didn't do Starhawk any justice.

Shadow Flare2723d ago

Great trailer of starhawk though

Skip_Bayless2723d ago

The one they showed at the conference made it seem like a FPS if I didn't know any better. The freaking game is a RTS-TPS with open world multiplayer map with vehicles and planes. It's a revolutionary game that other developers will copy just like MW1 and Uncharted2.

pedrami912723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

"Holy ****! Did you write this with your toes?"

Pretty much my respone too :)

They're being way to nitpicky about this.

5 min about the PSN outage is dragging it out ? what the hell are you smoking ?

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