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hakis862749d ago

Could be cool!
Live long, and prosper! _\\//

Excalibur2749d ago

Use the Shatner Kirk and the Nimoy Spock and you might have a Star Trek game. ;)

trounbyfire2749d ago

"you got mass effect in my star trek", " you got star trek in my mass effect"

looks good

blumatt2749d ago

lol @ Family Guy Reese's reference. haha

This game looks good. I'm a Trekkie so I'll probably buy this!

ThanatosDMC2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Sylar is in the movie again, right? Yeah, we know Spock wont die anytime soon then.

Parts of the trailer reminded me of ME2 but with bad textures.

Serjikal_Strike2749d ago

bad textures?

want to see bad textures go play Duke Nukem Forever

Christopher2749d ago

Don't worry Thanatos, it will be nowhere as action-heavy as ME (any of em).

waterboy2749d ago Show
Headquarters112749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

I personally thought this looked awesome, and I've only watched the recent Star Trek movie, which I loved. And its co-op! Can't wait

Surprised nobody is talking about this game.

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