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HelghastKid2511d ago

i like how everyone laughed haha

Sunhammer2511d ago

But Street Fighter vs Tekken does? But characters who practically pass as superhuman, shooting hadoukens and creating flaming shoryukens does? It's a fighting game. Go to bed, son.

Cole McSteroids.

soundslike2511d ago

Its not like he's going to be in the console version...


(possible foreshadowing to tomorrows presentation)

MaxXAttaxX2511d ago

They didn't say he wouldn't.

And no one should be surprised if he's actually in the console version.

Jamaicangmr2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Why not? No i'm not messing with you i'm seriously asking.

@ Sunhammer

Thats my point exactly. How does Cole not make sense but everything else is logical i guess?

[email protected]2511d ago

Cole must take this summer break serious... seriously on steroids1 O.o

belal2511d ago

lol funny. I am buying ps vita day one!!!

jukins2511d ago

most def that price and content is just too much to resist. and i was one of the ppl who said it would fail without having android or something like that. i eat my words. 3g vita day one!!

creamsoda2511d ago

will the 3g vita still have wifi?

jukins2511d ago

yea it will have wifi as well.

HelghastKid2511d ago

Cole is seriously jacked its crazy haha

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The story is too old to be commented.