Has Sony solved the oldest Problem in Multi-player Gaming?

This new application of the technology of 3D TV will display two pictures at alternating frame rates. Instead of displaying one picture to each eye (creating a 3d effect), the technology will display one picture to each user. When wearing glasses and watching the same screen, the players will virtually be playing on their very own TV

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Big_L2417d ago

This could have some amazing applications

Only thing taken away would be others in the room not being able to see the screen properly. So no watching others play

writersblock2417d ago

I think the top screen shows what others would see, a normal splitscreen

I could be wrong, but thats what it looks like

sikbeta2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

They (Sony) had the patent for a couple of years now, I remember read about it on Joystiq, I was like, no way and here it is, awesome.

ambientFLIER2413d ago

writersblock - nah, everyone else will just see a flickering picture.

WhittO2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

This came out of nowhere!

Really great deal for a 3D TV! Especially with features like that!

I think I'm going to buy the Resistance 3 Move Package, deff worth the price!

SCThor2417d ago

Great bundle (move pack, glasses and tv)!!

BushLitter2417d ago

'This could have some amazing applications'

I can see it already... my girlfriend playing uncharted on one 'screen'

me watching porn on the other :)

GrandTheftZamboni2417d ago

I was thinking the same thing :)

Not with your girlfriend though :)

Drake_Seraphim2417d ago

I own a 3D TV and I'm aware of how the steroscopic 3D works with the different images, BUT... I never thought of full screen two player implementation! What a great idea!

farhad2k82417d ago

OMG I just understood this after viewing this article. HOLY MOLY!! LOL

Mainman2417d ago

Other in the room just have to close 1 eye to see the screen properly.

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M-Easy2417d ago

Just $499 and it comes with Resistance 3. Wow!

1998gamer2417d ago

and 3D glasses! i'm def thinking about them

XxPURExX2417d ago

but its only a 24" screen

M-Easy2417d ago

Its for bedrooms and dorm rooms. I take it you didn't see the conference.

XxPURExX2417d ago

yeah and i have a 40" in my bedroom hell even my pc screens r bigger

chester2417d ago

by far the best thing from their conference for people who aren't interested in portable gaming.

BushLitter2417d ago

I agree, that was the best part of the conference for me.

And as if I needed any other reason to get Resistance 3!

256bit2417d ago

sony belives in 3D while nintendo is following as well. MS is the only company that doesnt give a crap about 3d. just watch them doing 3d in their next console.

chester2417d ago

why innovate when you can skip the intro of a new tech and pick it up when it's more established? and that's not a slight on the practice at all, it's quite smart if you think about it. doesn't get you respect from the hardcore, but obviously with all the kinect stuff the hardcore isn't the main focus.

Infernostew2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

That's always been MS's mo when it comes to new tech. It's embarrassing when their last new contribution they've brought to the table was xbox live.

Hicken2417d ago

It WOULD be smart, but MS needs a new system already, when they just upgraded their new one. They've already been surpassed by Sony in systems sold. They have no handheld. Their number of (non-Kinect) exclusives can be counted on one hand.

They need some way to bring people back- or at least keep them from leaving. I really can't see them managing to hold on without following suit somewhere, and fast.

GrandTheftZamboni2417d ago

Yeah, it's time for me to buy DVD player now that the technology is established.


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