Sony Reveals NGP name and 3G Provider

TheParanoidGamer: "Today a Sony announced the official name of their upcoming handheld AKA NGP. Among that they also announced the release date, pricing, console specs and other additional information. Hit the jump for all the details."


We have also added some features and Addition information as camera and display.

Sony has Confirmed the price will be $249 for just wifi and $299 for Wifi+3G support models.

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PS3ROCKS2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Vita look's awesome who agrees.

Nitrowolf22722d ago

Why? The name is suppose to mean LIFE, in Spanish thats spelt Vida and in fact many devs are saying vida

bruddahmanmatt2722d ago

As an AT&T customer, it pains me to say this, but AT&T is a F'in FAIL. If my friend hadn't hooked me up with such a great, discounted rate, I'd have hopped on to Verizon a long time ago.

Skip_Bayless2722d ago

I'm gonna buy PSV no matter how much it costs. The folks in Redmond must be scrambling to get a portable system out right now.

Active Reload2722d ago

Sony's show has been extremely impressive so far. The only sour note-- or the only time no one clapped--was when they mentioned At&t as the 3G provider.

Infernostew2722d ago

Apparently Vita is wifi version $249 and 3g $299.

Nitrowolf22722d ago


I know
I heard like a little applause then they just shut up real quick thinking like "WHHHYYYYYYY!!!!"
Give me Verizon, or better yet give me the option to pick

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guigsy2722d ago

Vista and Vita have completely different meanings.

Warprincess1162722d ago

Yeah but the name sucks. They should of stuck with NGP.

StillFree2722d ago

well, its still better than "kinect"

coolboy2212722d ago

Cool now we just need the pricing

kneon2722d ago

Since it will be sold through carriers expect it to come pretty cheap if you sign on for a multi-year contract.

Shazz2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

price at tokyo game show then im guessing

also did anyone catch that vita has cross chat lol

ExPresident2722d ago

Yeah I caught that too. Was like "did he just say you can chat regardless of what game your on" No one in the crowd made a sound.....

Paradicia2722d ago

Sucks for VITA owners who want 3G :/

VampiricDragon2722d ago

no price might be so high they dont wanna mention

Jac5al2722d ago

Joystiq is reporting it will start at $249

VampiricDragon2722d ago

ah thats not bad

100 percent chance nintendo drops 3ds to 200, when the ngp launches in 5 months.

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The story is too old to be commented.