Neocrisis: EA Titles to Receive Exclusive Content on the PS3

Neocrisis: The PS3 versions of SSX, Need for Speed the Run, and Battlefield 3 will receive exclusive content.

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Jack-Dangerously2723d ago

I am a ps3 only user. This kind of stuff is my problem with gaming nowadays. I personally don't believe in "pay us enough and we'll give you 'exclusive' content." Idk what console. It's not fair to non ps3 users.... I'm sorry, I just don't think it's right...

Tony-Red-Grave2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

*couigh*CoDmircosoftdoingthisf orawhile*cough vomit*

Jack-Dangerously2723d ago

I mistyped earlier. I meant to say I dont CARE what console. It was my mistake. I completely agree.

andron2723d ago

I disagree. Brand exclusive games and content has been a part of gaming a long time. It's simply good business to reward your loyal customers with exclusive content.

Of course it's not fair, but what is?

Jack-Dangerously2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Good point. I respect your disagree. Nothing's fair lol.

Above I meant to say IDC what console not IDK what console. Didn't catch it soon enough.

Bigpappy2723d ago

GTA has become too expensive to buy as an exclusive, so content is the next best thing for Sony or M$ in their way of thinking.

bestofthebest2723d ago

that is annoying I will be getting bf3 for 360 cause all my friends are on their. Any other game I usually would buy it on ps3 if it has exclusive dlc but I might be missing out on this

MasterCornholio2722d ago

I rarely buy a game new unless its worth the price. And many times theres a game that i really want but i dont buy it because its 8 hours long. Like Marvel vs Capcom 3 i really wanted it but i waited for a price drop on amazon because 60 euros seemed like a lot of money for a fighting game.