Sony confirms PlayStation Vita name

TVGB: "After a week of rumors, speculation and trademark discoveries hinting at the final name of Sony's new handheld, so far codenamed the NGP, the electronics giant has just revealed during its E3 press conference that the device has indeed been named the PlayStation Vita."

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DarkSniper2752d ago

PlayStation Vita is the portable device that will bridge the gap from the present day we live in, to the future.

Sony Computer Entertainment has outdone themselves once again by providing the public with the final piece of the gap between PlayStation®3 and everyday life. With it's sleek and ergonmic design, combined with the rich environment of PlayStation® Home and seamless integration with PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Terminal. The PlayStation ecosystem will grow even larger as virtual reality finally becomes complete with PlayStation Vita.

It goes without Dark Sniper saying that the PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Terminal gives PlayStation Network the capabilities of Skynet itself. Being able to enjoy the PlayStation®3 experience on the go propels further than any PlayStation fan could think of in 1995.

Dark Sniper welcomes you to the future. PlayStation Vita is here. Dark Sniper gives his personal thanks to Ken Kutaragi, Kazuo Hirai, Shuhei Yoshida, Jack Tretton and David Jaffe for the brand strength of PlayStation. Thanks to PlayStation Vita, Dark Sniper can now enjoy a reality that was only foresighted by The Jetsons.

When it comes to the future, Sony Computer Entertainment has provided the tools to enhance yourself into a new reality. There is no competitor across the world that gives you the experience of PlayStation. There's only one portable device that can give you authentic Kinectivity across the world and into the fourth dimension......... PlayStation® Vita.


LOGICWINS2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )



morganfell2752d ago

$249 for Wifi
$299 for Wifi/3G version

WhittO2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

lmao @ AT&T reaction!! So funny!

I actually like the name PS Vita tbh, there are worse names out there! ha

I_find_it_funny2752d ago

one must be blind fanboy to criticise Vita and accept 360 or Wii

SkyCrawler2752d ago

Lets just all call it the PSV to go with the other PlayStation acronyms. PSP, PS3, etc.

Brewski0072752d ago

Awesome !!! Can't wait ! ! !

XabiDaChosenOne2752d ago

PS Vita?!?! Face/palm.... but whatever this thing is going to be legendary!!!

LOGICWINS2752d ago

Actually, its not so bad when Kaz says it lol. I could get used to it.

NLGSean2752d ago

Bad name... EXCELLENT PRICE... $250... WOW...

HelghastKid2752d ago

AT&T.... god dammit sony, i was planning on switching providers!

Jack-Dangerously2752d ago

Was that language necessary?

gta28002752d ago

AT&T knows how to get customers lol. I'm getting NGP and this is gonna make me a AT&T subscriber lol.

SephirothX212752d ago

I live in Ireland so I couldn't care less about AT&T!

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Dart892752d ago

Living La vita loca :D can't wait for this.

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The story is too old to be commented.