Sly Cooper Teaser Screenshots from Sony E3 Press Conference

GPT: "Where is Sly Cooper at? We don't know exactly, but we will pretty soon. Well kinda soon. We know that Sly will return and land on the Playstation 3 in 2012, which looks to be a big year for games already and we're barely even halfway through 2011. Checkout the teaser screens that make us want Sly back sooner."

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GunShotEddy2723d ago

We want Sly, not sneaky lizards. :)

Jack-Dangerously2723d ago

Please don't get me wrong people. I am absolutely looking forward to SLY 4. This reveal was just underwhelming. (maybe because all of the inFAMOUS teasers were just so awesome?)

vgchica2723d ago

I miss Sly. The HD rerelease was nice though.

ShyGuy132723d ago

Never liked the series, just not for me.