Resistance 3 Sharp Shooter Bundle Announced

Resistance 3 has been announced for quite some time and, while the meaty details, such as collector’s editions, pre-order incentives, and release date have also been known for quite a while, an all-new Resistance 3 bundle has been announced at the Sony 2011 E3 Press Conference.

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LOGICWINS2417d ago

Best announcement I've heard at E3 so far. At 150 bucks, this is a steal!

WhittO2417d ago

Been meaning to buy Move for a while, I'm deff getting this bundle, amazing price when you think what you get.

SillySundae2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )


Motion Con
Nav Con
PS Eye

... for 150!?!?!

Are they nuts?!?!

Wish I'd waited =)

despair2417d ago

its pretty much the SOCOM bundle just with Resistance.

badz1492417d ago

PS Vita same price with 3DS is the biggest surprise!

Max_Dissatisfaction2417d ago

forget this. Ps Vita $250! Well played sony, well played

Rageanitus2417d ago

I enjoyed the 2nd one but I hope they improve the graphics a bit more it is nothing compared to crysis /killzone/ uncharted

InspectorG2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

Is this coming to other territories? (in particular Australia?)