World Exclusive Review: Kinect Fun Labs Opens Up A New World For Kinect -StickTwiddlers

The worlds first Kinect Fun Labs review as StickTwiddler's Phil looks at Kinect Fun Labs Kinect Me, Google Eyes, Build A Buddy and Bobblehead with hilarious results.

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Raider692747d ago

MS is really trying to stuck kinect to people's throats,lame!

Mustang300C20122747d ago

No different then Sony doing the same thing with Move. Which both motion controllers are option. Can some of you simply grow up and just accept you are not the only gamer type in the world. How many times do you have to complain and point out what you don't like. Put that energy towards what you are ACTUALLY interested in.

gaden_malak2747d ago

"No different then Sony doing the same thing with Move."

Yeah, I felt so inundated with the whole ONE Move-only game Sony showed us. It was just too much.

firefly692747d ago

Are you so upset because he is telling the truth,or perhaps you are on M$ payroll!?

SpLinT2747d ago

bahahahh. Why even submit this news?

StickTwiddlers2747d ago

Out of the entire disappointment that was the Microsoft conference overall, this was one of the most interesting announcements.

A lot of what was shown were features that MS promised Kinect could do at last years E3 and we and others were interested to see if these apps actually did what they were shown to do.

It's a shame that the finger tracking app wasn't live as that was one of the most intriguing demonstrations and it would be great to give it a try.

Tony P2747d ago

Honestly, this was the Kinect announcement with the most promise.

Sure, the graphics are deceptively "casual" but the apps are innovative. A lot of great stuff for Kinect was done on PC by the community.