Uncharted 3 Demo'd; Looks Amazing

GameXplain Says: "At Sony’s press conference, Sony showed off several minutes of gameplay of the single-player campaign. It takes place aboard a tanker, on a dark, stormy night, much like Metal Gear Solid 2."

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newsguy2454d ago

i have a feeling tomb raider is going to one-up this. Just watch.

Nitrowolf22454d ago

Holy F forget the train scene in UC2, that Plane Scene looks Fn epic. And the storm and massive waves beginning to form when he's on the ship.

ExPresident2454d ago

Um yeah no. Uncharted 3 all the way man.

kneon2454d ago

Did you not see the Tomb Raider gameplay from today? It's good but not good enough to match Uncharted.

manumit2454d ago

I agree 100% that Tomb Raider demo looked so f***ing awesome.

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Fishy Fingers2454d ago

Did look great, kind of wanted to see some sand though.

Kobe on NBA... facepalm.

Jack-Dangerously2454d ago

Lol @ kobe. That's why non gamers shouldn't be used to display how good a game is. HAHAHA. SLAM DUNK!

AdmiralSnake2454d ago

Just WOW... to Uncharted 3 amazing...

WhiteLightning2454d ago

Elena Fisher is back but I didn't see much of her in the trailer

I hope she isn't going to be left behind like Sully :(

Tomb Raider ain't got shit on this. Sony so far have blown Microsoft out of the water

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