Uncharted 3 Screenshots from Sony's E3 Press Conference

GPT: "Sony is showing off a lot of action at their E3 press conference. It's not all excuses about Playstation Network however. First up was a glimpse at the upcoming Uncharted 3. We've got the screens for you to take a look at and droll over as we wait for the game to hit our Playstation 3s later this year. What do you think so far?"

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ShyGuy132747d ago

Water effects looked great!

GunShotEddy2747d ago

That's the power of pinsol.. err PS3 babayyy

vgchica2747d ago

Looked a littl boring. What's with the enemy AI? He's banging around a boat and no one hears him? Stealth? lol

faysal2747d ago

as you can see theres a heavy storm out side and its a ship so things are moving around becz of the waves and things inside the ships will make noise so foot steps really wont sound like some 1 is behind you

wingman32x2747d ago

The water got even better. Wow.

DarkBlood2747d ago

oh god i just want this game even more now *drools*

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