MW3Blog: New MW3 Footage

CarlosX360 Writes: "Modern Warfare 3 is at E3 right now being demo'ed on a lot of sites, and I give you the summary of what happened. The footage enclosed is all that we have at the moment, so stand by for full HD."

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creamsoda2719d ago

Wow, that looks craptastic.

waterboy2719d ago


im a anti cod fan, better make it here first, then i can post first on the cod post to talk trash about it cause i know for a fact that my favorite games outside cod cant beat cod i will say it looks the same in graphics, i will say nothing new, i will say its the same game every year, i will say im getting no more cods, i will say cod sucks, i will say several anti cod insults about cod, but in reality i know its not true, what makes things better even after that fact is i have unified anti cod fanism just like the pc fans unified pc gaming fanism on graphics and etc., im a nobody i have no life but because of my no life i can come rag on cod games, and praise battlefield and other games that really suck compared to cod, even though i can say on this site and every other site cod sucks cause our unified pc fan unified anti cod fanism will allow me to say all the trash i want about cod and whats best is i will get agrees and no disagrees or few thanks to the overheads of the site being also anti cod fans and pc fans erase disagrees and add agrees

waterboy2719d ago


your calling poster 1 mad? why? were all anti cod fans here arent we? cod sucks, the graphics are the same as cod 4, nothing new, im not getting any more cods i havent gotten cod since cod 4

RedPawn2719d ago

I may have never owned any COD games, but that set design on the New York battle was pretty high octane.

CarlosX3602719d ago

Yeah, they treated that part like a boss battle, which is a nice touch.

TheDivine2719d ago

Im not anti-cod they're fun games with great campains and quick fun multi (though i dont play multi) and zombie maps are the most fun ive found with any co-op this gen exept maybe portal 2 and l4d. If u dont like it dont buy it but dont come around throwing hissy fits and spewing hateraid all over every story. Mw is dope and mw3 looks insanely dope imho. Maybe if u didnt buy every cod and every map pack u wouldnt be burned out? I have mw and played black ops, 2 games this gen, i can say im looking forward to it for the crazy campain.