New Final Fantasy XIII-2 screenshot revealed

Square Enix’s has revealed a brand new screenshot for their upcoming FF XIII sequel: FF XIII-2. View it above.

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DaThreats2719d ago Show
trounbyfire2719d ago

just realized no FF @ microsoft

V13 is still exclusive

5119ent2719d ago

u still waiting on that ghost game...

BiggCMan2719d ago

Yea I am because I have a long attention span, I just don't forget about things if they go off the radar for a while. Have you seen how incredible the footage looks? Gameplay and graphics wise? I don't care if it takes another 5 years to make it perfect, it looks damn good and I will wait for it, as will millions of other people.

Anderson82719d ago

unfortunately yes.. hopefully it will drop next yr at the latest


i'll wait for it.. but another 5 years would be pushing it

5119ent2719d ago

u keep waiting...Squareenix lately sucks

Deadman_Senji2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Hell yeah, Ghost games are fucking awesome.

Edit: ^So does your mother

Edit: I'm just kidding :)

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Optical_Matrix2719d ago

I said this to a few people. If Versus XIII isn't announced multiplat at this E3 then it isn't happening. And it didn't happen.

Coogi2719d ago

Really bro? Are you not stupid? What makes you think this game will even come out this year? All we seen was Jap footage and do't even have a date for wee know it might not even be out till next year!

Your logic is stupid.

This coming from someone that owns both systems as well. You fanboys need to start using your fraking head.

Optical_Matrix2719d ago

What fanboys? I own all 3 systems. Heck add me on XBL if you want you mug, OpticalMatrix and my PSN ID is OtakuBlue. Wii friend code? God knows what it is lol But, All I'm saying is, the game will almost definitely be released in 2012. Microsoft and SE have had 3 E3's and TGS' to announce an Xbox 360 version and it hasn't happened. So I would love for the rumors to just end. It's MGS4 all over again.

There's my logic. And it makes sense. So simmer down you wasteman

Deadman_Senji2719d ago

Whoa whoa, I don't think "jap" is a nice word to use.

That's a racial slur man, you're a racist.

VampiricDragon2719d ago

maybe we can finally put the debate to rest

Coogi2719d ago

Duh! v13 won't be out till NEXT Christmas, they will wait till next e3 to make that announced.

Why do you think it's taking so long to come out? They gotta put it on 360 too, SE CEO decided he wants to make more money from both systems...that everyone knew this already?

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phoenixdown2719d ago

for my ps3 only because i'm a jrpg/ff fan and i don't have alot of jrpgs for my ps3. it will hold me over for a while i guess.

Coogi2719d ago

You don't have a lot because there aren't a lot. 360 has the most JRPGs right now.

GunofthePatriots2719d ago

hope ps3 shows a gameplay trailer

Troll-without-Bridge2719d ago

These shots are all quick snaps from a battle sequence, its very hard to get something worthwhile of it.

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