Mediakick E3 2011: Ubisoft Conference Summary

MediaKick provide a comprehensive summary on the entire Ubisoft E3 conference.

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Omar912720d ago

From best to worst:


Although Ubisoft was up there with EA

GunofthePatriots2720d ago

I liked Konami's pre presser the most so far.
But I agree with the rest.

bruddahmanmatt2720d ago

Someone please take Joel McHale out back and shoot him. The guy does nothing but embarrass himself on stage and while Ubisoft had a few nice games to show off today, asshat McFAIL was a nonstop distraction.


That wasn't McHale, the guy presenting Ubisoft conference this year Aaron Priceman... "The Mr. Caffeine".

Apart from that, totally agreed, shoot the clown.

bruddahmanmatt2720d ago

In that case, shoot Priceman. I don't get Ubisoft. They straight insult everyone when they pretend like gamers are all five year old boys who'll get a kick out of d**k jokes. You wanna wow gamers, develop and publish good games.

HeavenlySnipes2720d ago

the guy that hosted the Ubi conference kept making jokes that no one laughed at.

maniacmayhem2720d ago

Yea, they should just have straight presenters not wanna be comedians.

Iamback2720d ago

Don't have a clue who that guy was but I and my bro found him funny.
Best conference so far, lets hope Sony delivers the goods.

maniacmayhem2720d ago

Cool, glad you found him funny.
Some of his comments tho were just flat and not delivered well.

HeavenlySnipes2720d ago

their attempt to censor the FarCry 3 trailer, the guy would swear then thy would bleep after word. Later on, the just bleeped everything the militia commander guy said because they didn't want to risk him saying fuck on tv again lol.

tunaks12720d ago

aside from the lame dick jokes,
it was pretty good.

sfadul2720d ago

What plataform is the Farcry 3 video showing? Did anyone notice that the "A" Buttom from the video dosent look like they usually do on the XBOX?

Could this game be running on the new Nintendo console.