Kinect Enabled EA Sports Titles will be 'next year's titles'

@XG247: Kinect enabled EA Sports, NEXT year, so '13 titles.

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XGN_Alex2513d ago

I don't think something like this is going to make me get a Kinect, something BIG will have to do that.

The Great Melon2513d ago

Regardless if they are good or not Microsoft needs the games this year not next if they want the Kinect to be more than a peripheral for Dance Central 2.

dkgshiz2513d ago

Still loling over that joke of a presentation MS had. Those Disney Kids were unbelievably cheesy and just was awkward to watch.

The Meerkat2513d ago

When I the Disney kids my heart sank.
I put my head in my hands.

Then my 3 year old pushed me out of the way so she could see the TV better.

She loved it.

rdgneoz32513d ago

IS it wrong to have wanted to punch those kids when they started "flying" around so I could see an actual game?

Apollyn2513d ago


FlashXIII2513d ago

Hopefully EA can come up with something to actually make Kinect appealing to gamers.. won't hold my breath though!

DJMarty2513d ago

This was laughable, Kinect sucks period........LOL

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